Bustle's Most Wanted: The First Aid Beauty Skin Lab Resurfacing Liquid 10% AHA Exfoliator Is Ideal For My Sensitive Skin

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Chemical exfoliation can be intimidating, especially if you have somewhat reactive skin, like I do. I try a ton of products, but my face turns bright red at the mere thought of using something too harsh. I've often shied away from products that contain alpha-hydroxy acids because sometimes they leave a stinging sensation on my face, and I'm in the gentle-is-better camp when it comes to my skincare.

FAB Skin Lab 10% AHA Resurfacing Liquid, $55, Sephora

Still, the benefits of AHAs are well-documented, so I felt I was missing out by skipping them completely. Thankfully, one of my favorite brands geared towards sensitive skin, First Aid Beauty, came to the rescue with their new Skin Lab Resurfacing Liquid 10% AHA, out in March 2017. It's a powerful treatment designed to "smooth, brighten, and even the appearance of rough, dull-looking skin." FAB is known for its soothing formulas specifically geared towards more sensitive complexions (the brand's Ultra Repair Cream is my standby face and body moisturizer) and so I find that this product doesn't aggravate my skin the way other exfoliants with similar active ingredients might, while still giving me great results.

I apply the Resurfacing Liquid once or twice a week (the bottle recommends daily use, but I prefer not to overdo it) at night after double cleansing and applying witch hazel toner. Then I follow up with an ultra-hydrating serum, eye cream, and moisturizer. A word for the cautious: AHAs can make your skin extra sensitive to sun exposure, so the morning after using this product I load up on extra SPF 30.

Adding the Resurfacing Liquid into my routine even a few nights a week has already drastically improved the redness and uneven texture I often experience along my jawline. If you're looking for something both gentle and effective, this could be just the thing.

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FAB Skin Lab 10% AHA Resurfacing Liquid, $55, Sephora

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