Bustle's Most Wanted: The Sony SRS-XB10 Wireless Speaker Upped My Amateur DJ Game (And Maybe My Love Life)

I first met *Scott when I took control of the playlist at my friend's New Year's Eve party. I'm known as the DJ among my friends. No, I can't actually use DJ equipment without breaking it, but I usually handle the party playlist, and it's a role I take very seriously. Even though it wasn't my party that New Year's, I was in ~ the zone~ when Scott came over.

"Hey DJ, can you play 'Party In The USA'?" Scott asked me with a smirk.

Sony SRS-XB10 Wireless Speaker, $58, Amazon

It wasn't exactly in line with the rest of my "set" but Scott was cute and charming, so I made an exception. Right after I hit play on Miley's jam, the sound started crackling and the speakers died. We both started laughing while the rest of the party stopped and stared. Party foul. I retired from my gig for the night and started talking to Scott.

Fast forward two months later and Scott is at my apartment for the first time. My apartment is the size of a small closet, so there wasn't much to show him, but I was excited to break out my brand new Sony SRS-XB10 Wireless Speaker, a portable speaker that came out in March, for the first time. As I took it out of its box, I realized I'd have to sync it to Bluetooth. I'm generally pretty good with technology, but what if it took forever to connect and he thought I was technologically challenged? To my delight, the speaker paired with Bluetooth in about half a second, and I impressed my guest.

I'm a firm believer that you can't really judge a song until you've heard it from a good audio system, and I can definitely say I've discovered at least five new favorite songs — even ones I had heard a million times before on my headphones — thanks to my SRS-XB10. The speaker itself is adorable — small enough to fit in your purse — and it's loud AF, with an extra bass setting and crystal clear sound that I can hear even when I'm taking a shower. Which I do regularly, since it's splash-proof.

Since that first time I put on the SRS-XB10 with Scott, it's made an appearance every time we've hung out. Turning it on once we get to my apartment and giggling at the noise it makes once you hit the power button almost feels like a routine. While I'm not sure what's in store for Scott and me, I do know that the battery, which lasts 16 hours on a charge, hasn't died on me yet. I'll take that as a good sign for now.

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Sony SRS-XB10 Wireless Speaker, $58, Amazon