You Can Apply To Be A Chocolate Taster At Cadbury & This Is One Seriously Sweet Gig

by Aoife Hanna
Christopher Furlong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Hoping that headline didn't make you spit out whatever delicious chocolatey treat you are currently scoffing. Real talk though, this is not a drill. They're not playing Twix on you. OK, that pun isn't actually applicable as that particular product isn't one of theirs but guys, Cadbury is looking for a new chocolate taster. This is giving me serious Willy Wonka vibes but it's actually real.

I bet you're thinking that the job is only available to world class food tasting experts. Turns out, that's not the case at all. The job advert, which is posted on Linkedin, details what is involved in the role. And y'all, the description is low key magical and will have your mind floating away on a river of chocolate. The job is actually working for Cadbury's owner Mondelēz which means you likely won't just be sampling delicious Cadbury chocolate but Milka and Orea treats too.

The job description reads, "What makes working at Mondelēz International so special? Many things. The iconic brands and global nature of our business. The continuous innovation and endless opportunities to grow. The chance, each and every day, to put a smile on people’s faces. We’re the world’s leading maker of Chocolate, Biscuits, Candy and Gum with billion-dollar brands like Cadbury, Milka, Prince and Oreo and we now have an exciting opportunity to join our team".

The entry level (yes, entry level) job is part time and is located at their Reading Science Centre. The centre is where all the research is undertaken to ensure the very best quality of their myriad of products. Your end of the spectrum would be in the chocolate tasting department, trying out new and existing products.

"Our Chocolate Tasters are key in helping Mondelez perfect and launch an entirely new product all over the world by tasting and providing feedback just like our consumers. You will work alongside approximately 11 Chocolate Tasters and a panel leader; sharing opinions and collaborating with others to reach an agreement on taste," reads the job description.

No word on if they provide any cups of tea along side these sweet treats but one would hope so. I feel like it's pretty much a right.

Now you know the role, what are the responsibilities that come with it? Well it's all about taste, babe. Tasting and, my personal favourite, talking about it using "clearly defined vocabulary to describe products and aid in the discrimination between products". AKA being able to bust out foodie descriptions like "Ooh, the umami on this bad boy!" or "This is acrid AF."

Of course, with every job it's generally when it comes down to the requirements that you end up thinking "this isn't for me." But wait, guys you have to hear the skills needed to be a chocolate taster.

  1. "A passion for confectionary and taste buds for detection." Right so you need to like sweets and be able to taste them. Easy.
  2. "Honesty when it comes to giving opinion." You need to say it how it is. Wow, finally a job that requires you to say how you really feel.
  3. "Eager to try new inventive products." Up for trying new things, that's me!
  4. "A communicative personality to build great relationships with your panel." Are you kidding me RN, being a chatter box and lots of LOLs? Sign me up.
  5. "A firm grasp of the English Language". I fink I can, I fink I can!

So yeah, this might well be your dream job. But let me tell you, there are bound to be a whole lot of applications. It's already open now so you had better get your socks on ASAP.