Caelynn Just Responded To Blake Releasing Their Texts By Sharing Her Side Of The 'BiP' Saga

ABC/John Fleenor

Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 premiered this week and already the drama reached a fever pitch on-screen and off. Late on Wednesday, Aug. 7, Caelynn responded to Blake sharing their pre-Bachelor in Paradise texts by telling her side of the story in an Instagram post. The image that accompanied the post is a rose emoji on a white background, which lets her caption do the talking about the situation that has dominated BiP's first two episodes.

Caelynn's Instagram caption began addressing the content and missing context of the private text messages Blake posted about their Stagecoach hookup to Instagram on Aug. 6 right before Bachelor in Paradise aired. He later deleted them on the same day. Caelynn wrote:

Here we go... I am not here to deny those text messages or the conversations that took place. Things got taken out of context on the show, and a large part of the story is missing. The reality of the situation is that Blake was not a one night stand at a music festival and the ‪5 am‬ text exchange that Blake chose to share is not an accurate representation of our past relationship.

Caelynn's statement on the matter continues by adding context to what happened between her and Blake during the Bachelor in Paradise episode that aired on Aug. 6. During the episode, Caelynn accused Blake of "ghosting" her and revealed that she thought they were on the way to having a relationship that was more than a single hookup. (Blake's Instagram post before the episode stated, "I NEVER ghosted Caelynn, I NEVER called her a mistake, and I absolutely NEVER EVER EVER tried to silence Caelynn.")

In her own Instagram post, Caelynn wrote, "I take ownership for what I said on the beach. I was upset and I let my emotions control my words. However, I did not go on a show to ruin someone’s character. I attempted to address my feelings and the situation with Blake face to face."

The contestant from Colton Underwood's season also highlighted in her Instagram post that she was "absolutely mortified" about Blake releasing their private text messages "for the world to see and judge."

Like Blake, Caelynn also took a moment in her IG post to clarify the nature of her relationship with Blake. He wrote in his Aug. 6 statement, "Caelynn and I were NEVER in a relationship." Caelynn revealed her side of their interactions in the IG post by saying,

"It’s clear to me that Blake and I had different ideas of what our “relationship” was. We started talking months before Stagecoach. We FaceTimed everyday and talked about potentially skipping paradise to be together. When I say he ghosted me, it was after those few months of us talking. It was my understanding there was no one else and I thought we were on the same page."

Caelynn closed her Instagram caption by writing that the situation seems to have taken on "a life of its own on the internet." She wrote: "This could’ve been over after last night’s episode, but since it’s now all over Instagram, I felt like it was imperative to share my truth."

And finally, fans know Caelynn's side of the Bachelor in Paradise drama that has gripped Bachelor Nation this week.