Caelynn Posted An Ode To Dean's 'BiP' Mustache On Insta, Proving Their Love Is Real

Sept. 9's Bachelor In Paradise episode saw a handful of people leave the beach in Mexico. But, while Blake and Kristina left in tears after deciding they just weren't meant to be, Caelynn and Dean left in each other's arms, ready to live it up in his van (maybe). And Caelynn's tribute to Dean's mustache shows just how deep their post-Bachelor In Paradise love goes.

When Dean first showed up in Paradise, Caelynn was very excited to see him, and welcomed this possible new love interest after all the drama she'd been through with Blake. They seemed to hit it off really well, but things took a turn for the worst when Dean left abruptly after celebrating her birthday, leaving her heartbroken. Last week, Dean came back in an effort to make a grand gesture. He asked her to leave Paradise with him and make a go at a real relationship away from the cameras.

After much deliberation, Caelynn chose to leave with Dean, as seen on Monday night's episode. And, good news — she still seems really happy with that decision. On Sept. 9, after her decision aired, she posted screenshots from their time together on Instagram, and wrote the caption, "They say you don’t know a good thing till it’s gone... I think it’s time to bring the mustache back @deanie_babies."

Dean's mustache was, of course, a much-talked about subject this season, with some fans loving it, and others not so much. So it makes sense that Paradise also made a major spectacle of him shaving the 'stache off when he came back. Obviously, Caelynn liked him with the mustache when they got together on Paradise, but did his clean-shaven face help win her back? Despite her Instagram message seemingly putting her in the pro-stache camp, his "changed man" status might point to: yes.

Based on er Instagram, it looks like Caelynn and Dean are still together after Paradise, so it's safe to say she likes him a whole lot. She even likes him enough to encourage him to bring back the 'stache.

Not to be left out, Dean also commented on Caelynn's dramatic BiP decision, reaching out to his romantic rival Connor. When an account, @BachelorBishes, tweeted out a "Choose your own adventure" featuring photos of Connor and a puppy, or Dean and his van. Dean tweeted, "ill trade you the van for the dog @ConnorSaeli." He has his puppy priorities right, so at least there's that.

Even though the two have yet to confirm their relationship post-Paradise, it looks like everything worked out for the best for Caelynn. In fact, former Bachelor Colton Underwood confirmed as much in July. “She seems very, very happy... What she shared with me is that it was an unbelievable experience and I knew for her, heading there, she was gonna have a great time, just with her personality," he told Us Weekly at the time. He then teased that it “turned out well for her, whatever that means.”

Now the question is, would she be happier if Dean grew back the mustache?