Calvin Klein Covered His New York Fashion Week Runway With Popcorn — Yes, Really

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You never know what you'll see at fashion week. There are always incredible styles and accessories at the event, but this time it was the quirky runway that took people by surprise. For instance, Calvin Klein's New York Fashion Week runway was covered in popcorn. Forget fast fashion, because it looks like fast food is in this season instead.

Calvin Klein is no newbie to fashion week, but he finds a way to make it fresh and new every single year. This year, that happened with a whole lot of popcorn and pop-art inspiration. The catwalk, which was covered with popcorn, was also outfitted with Andy Warhol art from The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. There's no word on why popcorn was chosen, but it sure did make for some great images.

This isn't just your average floor made of snacks though. According to PopSugar, all of it was actually edible popcorn from Popcorn Charlie — a Rochester-based company who, well, sells popcorn. According to Popcorn Charlie's tweet, the entire room was filled with 50,000 gallons of snack.

“It took about three weeks to pop it all,” owner of Popcorn Charlie’s Michael Bloch told the NY Post. “This was the first time we’ve ever done a fashion show."

The models weren't the only ones storming through the snow of popcorn to get down the runway, either. The entire room was filled with the snack, so everyone getting to their seats had to walk through it, too. People even took photos with the snack after the show.

"Got home from @calvinklein last night and found popcorn in my pants, shoes, socks, and hair... but it was worth it," Eva Chen, director of fashion partnerships at Instagram, said in her Instagram post.

No one has mention what happened to all of the popcorn after the show, but I really hope people aren't eating it. Because there have been a lot of shoes stomping through these snacks.

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The popcorn wasn't just used as a backdrop though. Models walked down the catwalk carrying bags of the snack down the runway as well. The bags had photos of the models on them, but were a similar design to the ones you get at the movie theatre. If that's not a high-fashion take on snacking, then I don't know what is.

Snacks have been a surprising accessory all throughout fashion week. Chromat models carried Flaming Hot Cheetos and Red Bull as a part of their New York Fashion Week looks. Some models even snacked as they walked down the aisle. The main takeaway from fashion week is that snacks are in, no matter how you carry them. Finally, a trend that people can get behind.

Not everyone thought that the Calvin Klein runway was a good idea though. Twitter is split on what they think of the popcorn-filled catwalk. Here's what people had to say about the event, so you can decide for yourself.

Go ahead and judge though the photos, but at least you weren't there to have to trek through it. Someone didn't think this out all the way.

What did they do with all the food? Because if there's 50,000 gallons of popcorn in garbage bags all across New York, I'll be really upset.

Update: There was no butter on the popcorn, so you wouldn't have wanted to eat it anyway.

There's no denying the amount of waste happening here.

The idea is cool, but people are slightly freaking out about everyone walking through it.

Fashion is here to get people talking and reacting. So while not all of the feedback is positive, it's still creating a conversation. It will be interesting to see where Calvin Klein goes from here.