The Name ‘Southern Charm’s Cameran Gave Her Baby Is So Her Style

Jason Kempin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Cameran Eubanks' first child hasn't arrived yet, but based on recent posts to her Instagram story, it looks like Southern Charm's Cameran revealed her baby's name. According to Bravo's The Daily Dish, the Bravolebrity is naming her daughter Palmer Corrine Wimberly. The outlet also reports it "confirmed" the name with an unknown source.

Based on a screenshot (via Bravo) taken from Cameran's IG story, she shared several baby items she either received or purchased herself (if you follow her, then you know she does this from time to time) that have the name "Palmer Corrine Wimberly" embroidered and printed on them. One item is a bag with an adorable elephant holding an umbrella in its trunk and the other is what appears to be stationary. So, yeah, this is absolutely the name she and her husband, Jason Wimberly, have selected for their little one, who is due in November, according to People.

It's unclear if she was purposely unveiling her daughter's name in this way or if she could care less, but, either way, it's now out in the open. Palmer Corrine sounds like something Cameran would choose, doesn't it? The former Real World: San Diego star definitely has a goofball side and isn't afraid to let her hair down, but she can also be extremely poised and act like a proper southern lady. Palmer Corrine is both classic, but also spunky, just like Cameran. The moniker is definitely fitting.

Based on the name selection, all of the baby goods she now owns, and the fact that her Southern Charm co-stars threw her quite the baby shower (which will hopefully be featured next season), Cameran becoming a mom is quickly turning into reality.

As fans of the Bravo drama know, she hasn't always wanted to have kids. As she told BravoTV.com in March 2015, "I believe in bringing a child into this world when both parties are ready and committed to being a parent, and I am just not there yet and have no problem admitting it." Obviously, she changed her mind — and there's nothing wrong with that, whatsoever. In April, she announced her pregnancy on Instagram and captioned the photo: "Times a changin' y'all! Baby GIRL Wimberly will be touching down this fall! Excited (and nervous) for this next chapter in life!"

She opened up to People in June about her former motherhood fears and what she's looking forward to after her baby is born. "I was so fearful of everything pregnancy related — physically being pregnant, emotionally, mentally. I thought I was going to be a mess. I’m looking forward to being less selfish and focusing on something that is not myself. It’s going to be a huge life-change, for sure."

Cameran's life has certainly changed drastically — and it seems like she is trying to be prepared as possible for the arrival of Palmer Corrine.

She's also captured her pregnancy journey on Instagram, where she hasn't been shy about the ups and downs that have come with it. One can only hope that once Palmer is born, Cameran will show off her daughter on social media, because you know she'll be one cute baby. There's no doubt she'll dress her daughter as cute as she does herself.

However, it would be completely understandable if she and her husband decided against that. Plus, the couple, as Cameran told People in June, is still "figuring out" whether or not their child will appear on Southern Charm. As viewers know, Jason does not film for the show, because that is his choice — and one Cameran respects.

Fans should just be thankful Cameran has been open as she has been, especially when it comes to her daughter's name.