Camila Mendes & Lili Reinhart's 'Napoleon Dynamite' Costumes Won Halloween

David Becker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As most fans of Riverdale know, Camila Mendes and Lili Reinhart don't just play BFFs on screen as Veronica and Betty — they're actually pretty close in real life. So of course, over the weekend they had to dress in coordinating costumes featuring another set of famous best friends. It happened, y'all: Mendes and Reinhart dressed as Pedro and Napoleon from Napoleon Dynamite for Halloween, and the results were hilarious.

In the 2004 movie, Jon Heder played Napoleon, who tried to help his friend, Pedro (played by Efren Ramirez), win class president, and the whole movie was so bizarre that you just had to laugh at it. And now, Mendes and Reinhart are winning Halloween with their recreations of Napoleon and Pedro's most iconic looks from the film.

Mendes revealed their costumes on Saturday, including an image from the movie that really drives home how well they were pulling this off. She captioned the picture with one of the most memorable lines from the movie: "Vote for me, and all your wildest dreams will come true."

Their costumes are so amazing that it would be impossible to describe them and do them any kind of justice — it's really something everyone needs to see for themselves.

It's hard to say what the best part of this photo really is — the blank expressions on their faces that totally embodies the spirit of Napoleon Dynamite, or Mendes' mustache? Or maybe it's the fact that Reinhart doesn't seem to be wearing a wig, she's just styled her own hair to resemble Napoleon's? There is so much to love about these costumes.

Of course, Reinhart proudly shared this photo on her Twitter, too, writing, "canned heat" — which is the name of the song by the band Jamiroquai that Napoleon dances to in the movie after Pedro gives his campaign speech.

And really, fans should have seen this epic costume coming, because last week, Reinhart tweeted about her coordinating costume with Mendes. She didn't offer up any hints other than that, though, but she was definitely right in saying that it would be "very special."

"Don’t want to get anyone overly excited... but... @CamilaMendes and I have a very special Halloween couples costume this year," she tweeted.

Seeing what celebrities have come up with for their costumes is one of the best parts about this holiday, and Mendes and Reinhart definitely didn't disappoint. No matter how many guesses Reinhart's followers may have taken after she shared that tweet, it probably would have been hard to predict what was coming.

It still isn't actually Halloween yet, but it's probably safe to say that Mendes and Reinhart knocked this holiday out of the park. Seeing how their friendship has grown since they first started filming Riverdale more than three years ago is so much fun, especially when they share moments like this one with their fans. There's only one problem: How are they going to top this next Halloween? They should probably start brainstorming costume ideas now.