Let's Talk About Cam's Leopard Shirt (And Terrible Pickup Lines) From 'BiP'

John Fleenor/ABC

If you watched Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette, chances are the phrase "ABC: Always Be Cam" still haunts your dreams. And now, the man himself is back for another crack at love. Cam's arrival on Bachelor in Paradise had literally both fans and his fellow cast members' cringing. And it wasn't just his choice in beachwear (although that was a lot, too). Things got awkward very, very fast.

Cam's polarizing personality became very obvious on The Bachelorette, and it seems like nothing has changed since then — not even in paradise. Yes, the shirt turned a lot of heads (it's quite a shirt, so no surprise there), and his introductory rap was certainly a choice. But once he arrived, things went totally downhill.

In fact, guys who were on Hannah's season with him didn't hold back when they informed everyone else that Cam and his catchphrase were annoying, so if he's hoping to make friends this season, it seems like he may have a long way to go. And given the fact that he didn't exactly leave The Bachelorette on good terms (Hannah felt like he was being manipulative and wanted a "pity rose"), it all made sense.

But in general, Cam was pretty cringy — and not just because of his shirt, rap, and catchphrase, even though all three of those things were bad enough, especially when combined. The way he acted as soon as he waltzed in wasn't okay, especially with the questions he started firing off to the women, and once again, he came on very strong. The second Kristina arrived, he approached her and started talking about what a good mom she would be within minutes of meeting her... and then said "they all do," when she said she lived in LA. Uh, what is that supposed to mean?

Fans on Twitter most definitely noticed how cringeworthy Cam's behavior was. There were, of course, a lot of tweets about his shirt, because it's pretty unforgettable:

Others were worried about his approach to getting to know the women of paradise:

And other fans were actually just unhappy to see him on BIP in general, although let's be real: Personalities like his are reality TV gold, so from the moment he said "Always Be Cam" for the first time on The Bachelorette, his fate was sealed. And maybe that's why he did it... is he actually secretly brilliant and playing us all?

But to be fair to Cam, it's early in the season, and BIP is truly a golden opportunity for him to turn everything around. Plenty of contestants who have been seen as "weird" in the past have become beloved during their time on the show — like Evan Bass, who ended up with one of the most adorable love stories in the franchise with Carly Waddell. Cam can do this... but he's probably going to have to lose the catchphrase and back off a bit.

Knowing what fans do about Cam so far, it's hard to say whether or not he's actually capable of turning it all around, but stranger things have happened. Jordan Kimball gained a lot of fans on BIP after being seen as a villain on The Bachelorette, and so did Daniel Maguire. Anything can happen in paradise, after all.