Cersei May Have The One Weapon That Can Take Dany Down On 'GoT'

courtesy of HBO

OK y'all, not to be the kid in the class who asks an annoying question just before the bell rings, ruining any chance that you get let out early, but I gotta be that kid. After the Game of Thrones Season 6 finale, something has been bugging me that could become a major part of the conflict later. Can wildfire burn Daenerys on Game of Thrones? If so, Cersei might not need as many allies as her brother Jaime seems to think.

We all know that, to paraphrase Frozen, the heat doesn't bother Daenerys anyway. She is called "the Unburnt" for a reason. Twice now, the Mother of Dragons has pulled off an impressive party trick in which she steps out of a burning building, naked and unscathed by the flames. Next to commanding dragons, it's probably her best move. Before Game of Thrones ends for good, it seems likely that she will attempt to do this a third time. The pilot episode foreshadowed this lowkey supernatural ability that Daenerys has to withstand hot things when she stepped into a bath that was practically boiling and didn't even flinch.

Wildfire, lest you forget, is a little different. The green substance that was favored by Dany's father — and used twice recently by both Tyrion and Cersei Lannister — is the result of alchemy. If Daenerys is also able to survive its flames, it will rank among her most impressive accomplishments.

Aegon Targaryen was not scared of wildfire. Quite the opposite, in fact; he was obsessed with it. The Mad King believed that if he burned along with King's Landing in a wildfire explosion, he would rise from the ashes reincarnated as a dragon. Then again, this is not a Targaryen power — Viserys was definitely not heat resistant.

On the other hand, there may be a reason that wildfire shares its color with kryptonite. These powers might not work on synthetic fire, and the explosive chemical could be Dany's one weakness. If Cersei finds this out, her reign in King's Landing might last a little longer than expected. It would also cause Daenerys to try new strategies. I doubt that the Mother of Dragons would be instantly killed in a wildfire incident. That would be entirely unsatisfactory. She would have to sustain a minor burn and regroup while the Lannisters mount their next fiery attack.

That is, if there's wildfire left in King's Landing with which to test this theory. Master Qyburn can always make more, but Cersei might have used it all on the Citadel. This is just something to think about. As the series draws to a close and the final battles begin, these magical weapons should prove important. Since Daenerys Targaryen seems all powerful right now, I would be wary. Surely there will be some obstacles left between her and the Iron Throne.