Here's How You Can Work With The 'Backyard Envy' Team, Because Their Designs Are STUNNING

by Rebecca Patton
Kathy Boos/Bravo

If you're a sucker for beautiful greenery, Bravo's Backyard Envy, premiering Jan. 17, might have you clamoring to land a spot on the show. The series follows James DeSantis, Garrett Magee, and Melissa Brasier — three friends who run a New York design and landscaping firm called Manscapers — as they transform clients' backyards into outdoor havens. And though it doesn't seem like you can apply to be on Backyard Envy, that doesn't mean you can't work with the team.

First, a little background. According to their Bravo bios, Brasier and DeSantis met while they were attending the Fashion Institute of Technology. Magee, on the other hand, took classes at the New York Botanical Gardens before helping to co-found Manscapers. And since they're all friends in real life, that chemistry radiates off the screen.

The trio usually works on spaces in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Hamptons, per their website, and specialize in smaller spaces. "[A]s New Yorkers, when we're able to utilize our given outdoor space in the smartest ways possible our happiness increases," their about page reads. However, Backyard Envy allowed them to branch out into some New York suburbs. "Just having the space to actually lay things out and actually having the ability to be able to bring in excavators and large, heavy machinery, heavy equipment — you can't do that in a backyard in Brooklyn," DeSantis told Metro.

Currently, their services are highly sought after (hence the reality show). In fact, Brasier said on Instagram that her "pinch-me" career moment was "definitely watering plants at Meryl Streep's penthouse. AHH!"

Unfortunately for hopeful participants, though, it doesn't look like Bravo did any casting for Backyard Envy. According to an interview DeSantis did with the Oneida Daily Dispatch, the spaces featured on the show are those of actual Manscapers clients, and weren't selected specifically for the series. "Bravo's big thing with their shows is they want them to be as real as possible," DeSantis told the publication. "The most shocking thing about the production process was that everything came from us. Bravo never at one moment ever told us what we needed to do."

But while they're not currently looking for Backyard Envy applications, that could change if the show takes off. Bravo posts casting calls on its website, and interested parties can check it periodically to see if they happen to post an application for Season 2. That said, people can still acquire the Manscapers' services — and who knows, maybe they'll get a chance to be featured on Bravo as a result. Those interested can contact them through their website, where they can also browse photos of their gorgeous work.

Ultimately, the fact that Backyard Envy didn't do any casting will likely make the series even more authentic and enjoyable to watch. Because, at the end of the day, it's satisfying just to sit at home and live vicariously through the subjects on home improvement shows. And if you live in New York, you probably don't have a yard to worry about, anyway.