The 'Backyard Envy' Stars' Instagram Will Give You Serious Landscaping Inspo — And Envy

Kathy Boos/Bravo

There's a certain calming, soothing feeling that only a home makeover show can deliver. Watching a space go from messy, cluttered, and damaged to beautiful, clean, and exciting is almost therapeutic, and a new Bravo show is taking an interesting spin on the tried-and-true genre. Backyard Envy documents experts as they overhaul various clients' outdoor spaces, and the Manscapers Instagram shows just how capable this crew really is.

Garrett Magee, James DeSantis, and Melissa Brasier make up the Manscapers team, tackling everything from greenery and open spaces to patios and terraces. Photos in their feed show some off some of the New York-based company's beautiful designs, including patios, contemporary rooftop lounges, and cozy Brooklyn back porches. And not only does the trio's page highlight not their finished projects, but also the work that goes into transforming some of these spaces.

According to DeSantis, the crew excels in tailoring all their outdoor looks to each individual customer's personality. "We like to create outdoor rooms," DeSantis told NewYorkUpstate.com. "And for the space to be reflective of the style of that person." He also explained that Manscapers started years ago as a "side hustle" created while he and Brasier were roommates and decided to completely revamp their own backyard. Since then, it's transformed into a full-time job.

It's not just spaces the team transforms, either — DeSantis told the Oneida Daily Dispatch that they'll also be taking control of decor that's being specially brought in for big occasions. "A big part of our business is events," he told the outlet. "One of the episodes, we do a full wedding for 200 people. We do all the decorating, floral, and designing of the ceremony space. There's a lot we do and for the show, every episode is different."

And apparently, there's a camaraderie between the team that goes far beyond that of regular co-workers. "We're three best friends, but we also work together," DeSantis told the same paper. "We live down the street from each other. I mean, Melissa's baby is my god-daughter. It's that level of closeness."

That friendship lends itself to some pretty stunning work, as evidenced by their lengthy portfolio:

Their motif tends to lean toward being incredibly lush and green, often tropical, and always luxurious. The focus, it seems, will stay on the work — not the manufactured dramatics that can so often come up when it comes to reality TV.

"Bravo's big thing with their shows is they want them to be as real as possible," DeSantis told Oneida Daily . "The most shocking thing about the production process was that everything came from us. Bravo never at one moment ever told us what we needed to do. It really is reality. It's Manscapers. If there was any moment that we didn't want to do something, we said no. And Bravo said if we weren't comfortable, we didn't have to do it. I think a ton of reality shows now fabricate stories and dramas. Our drama comes from our natural reactions. But it's not over the top, so we're not throwing glasses around."

That's reassuring, because basically all you'll want to do after sifting through their Instagram is sit back and appreciate their lovely work, not get hung up on any theatrics. When Backyard Envy premieres, it'll give all of us a little inspiration to gussy up our own spaces.