Can You Buy A Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Robe? Here's The Deal With The Accessory

The Morphe x Jaclyn Hill announcement was certainly a shock heard around the makeup world. It's like every sneak peek or swatch the beauty guru posts just hypes up the collection even more. So when Hill wore a Morphe x Jaclyn Hill robe on Instagram, her fans noticed. It might not be makeup related, but everyone needs a great robe to get ready in, right? Unfortunately, this item isn't actually up for grabs, but something even better will be very soon.

It's no secret that Hill loves a great robe. She's shared her comfy accessories on Snapchat and even had them in favorites videos. It only makes sense that she would get her own personalized robe on photoshoots as well. According to her Snapchat story, the makeup brand surprised her with the item when she showed up for her shoot. It's an all white robe with "Morphe x Jaclyn Hill" written in silver across the back, and it fits perfectly which Hill's glam style.

Because Morphe personalized the robe specifically for their collab partner, that means that it's probably not going to be up for grabs for Hillsters. Of course, you could always find your own similar robe and do some DIY to make your own version. There's no telling what brand the robe is or where they got it, but it is pretty fabulous.

Thankfully, there is one thing that you can buy, and it's even better than the robe — the Jaclyn Hill Palette, which will be available in March. That ought to provide some comfort!

From her social media sneak peeks, Hill's palette looks absolutely gorgeous. According to her Snapchat, it will have 35 shades. Although she only shared a few on social media, it looks to have everything from shimmery reds and browns to greens. Here's a look at her wearing it on her eyes to get you excited.

While you might not be able to get the robe, you will be able to wear the creation. If you ask me, that's a fair trade off.