Jaclyn Hill Dropped A Huge Hint Re: Her New Collab

OMG, Hillsters, are you ready for this maaaaj news? Beloved vlogger Jaclyn Hill's multi-product Champagne Glow collab with BECCA was a blockbuster and included an eyeshadow palette that was eventually pulled. But is Jaclyn Hill doing a new eyeshadow palette collab? Or is it part of her own, long-gestating makeup line, which she confirmed last year?

On Jan. 10, Hill tweeted that she is launching an eyeshadow palette in seven weeks. She stated that it is not her own makeup line but a collaboration. She declined to reveal which brand she is partnering with in her tweet.

That said, we did get three key pieces of information in the space of 140 characters. OMG, you guys! A J. Hill eyeshadow palette is imminent. Seven weeks from now puts us in late February/early March. That's sooner than it seems. Are all my Hillsters out there shaking and crying?

Hill may be the queen of highlighting and glow, but she knows how to play up all of her features with makeup! Her eye looks are always fab and flawless. I can't wait to see this shadow palette, especially since her BECCA palette was yanked due to quality concerns, making it the tease of all teases.

In addition to revealing that an eyeshadow collab is on the way, the tweet also pretty much affirms that J. Hill's own line isn't readily upon us. Still, that doesn't stop her legion of fans from drooling with excitement over the upcoming palette.

I am interrupting this regularly scheduled programming to show how on point Hill's eye makeup is. Right?

So which brand is Hill collaborating with? It's all a matter of speculation and conjecture, simply because she didn't say which. Could it be a reprise with BECCA, given the level of success the brand and blogger had with Champagne Glow? That would make total sense.

Or could she switch gears and work with a more indie brand? Could she team up with OFRA or Morphe or Makeup Geek? Hill did tweet recently that a previously planned collab with Makeup Geek was actually cancelled.

It's anyone's guess. But since the palette is out in about a month-and-a-half, we'll know soon.

These Twitter reactions indicate the dedication of her legion of Hillsters.

Images: Jaclyn Hill/Instagram (3)