Here's The Deal With ColourPop's Aquarius Lippies

by Augusta Statz

KathleenLights sure knows how to celebrate! On her 25th birthday, she and ColourPop teamed up to do something a little extra special. They created new versions of her Aquarius Lippie Stix, and you’re going to want to get your hands on these items in honor of KatleenLights’ big day. Can you buy ColourPop’s Aquarius lippies individually? There’s a variety of ways to purchase these shades.

Aquarius Bundle, $15, ColourPop Cosmetics

Everyone deserves a good excuse to splurge on beauty items, and KathleenLights turning 25 is just as good a reason as any! So, head over to the ColourPop site to shop this pinkish nude hue in three different formulas. You can now find the Lippie Stix in an Ultra Matte Lip formula, an Ultra Satin Lip formula and an Ultra Glossy Lip formula. Each version retails for $6, just in case you want to purchase only one of two of these new lip products. But, if you’re into the idea of getting all three, you can save $3 by scooping them up in a bundle option for just 15 bucks.

According to the ColourPop website, these will only be available while supplies last, so be sure to scoop them up as soon as possible. At the time of publication, all four buying options were still in stock!

There are gifts for everyone on this very special day!

ColourPop Aquarius Lippie, $6, ColourPop

Because adding these gorgeous new lippies to your collection will make you feel like it's your birthday.


Each formula is a little different. So, choose the ones that works best for you!


Sometimes you feel like going matte.


And sometimes you feel like slicking on a gloss. Or maybe you like to layer matte and gloss! Trust me, there's no wrong way to wear these!

1. Ultra Matte Lip

Courtesy ColourPop Cosmetics

Ultra Matte Lip in Aquarius 2, $6, ColourPop Cosmetics

Rock a nude pout everyday with this trusty hue on hand.

2. Ultra Glossy Lip

Courtesy ColourPop Cosmetics

Ultra Glossy Lip in Aquarius, $6, ColourPop Cosmetics

Add shine to your pout for a slightly glammed up, natrual-looking beauty moment.

3. Ultra Satin Lip

Courtesy ColourPop Cosmetics

Ultra Satin Lip in Aquarius, $6, ColourPop Cosmetics

Love a liquid lipstick, but looking for something other than a matte finish? This is the option for you!

4. Aquarius Bundle

Courtesy ColourPop Cosmetics

Aquarius Bundle, $15, ColourPop Cosmetics

If it's just too hard to pick a single favorite, shop all three in one package.

Go on and treat yourself! It is KathleenLights' birthday, after all!