See Swatches Of ColourPop's Aquarius Bundle

by Kali Borovic

Stop what you're doing, because this brand has done it again. ColourPop created an Aquarius Bundle in honor of Kathleen Fuentes' birthday, and this gift has something for everyone — a shade that you already love in every single one of the brand's formulas. Swatches of ColourPop's Aquarius Bundle prove that this color is perfect in all formulas. No matter which one is your favorite, the brand has you covered.

Remember back when Fuentes tweeted that she wished her ColourPop's shade Aquarius was available in Ultra Glossy Lip form? Well, ask and you shall receive. ColourPop created a bundle filled with Aquarius Ultra Matte Lip, Ultra Glossy Lip, and Aquarius 2 Ultra Matte Lip. While the first two are the classic shade that you already know and love, the latter is a little bit darker than the original.

The Aquarius Bundle is available right now on the ColourPop website for $15. You can also buy the shades individually for $6 each. That means that if you buy in bulk, you'll be saving $3. According to the email that they sent out, these are only available while supplies last. It does say that it is a pre-sale though, so this won't be the last time you'll see the shades.

How stunning are those! This isn't the first time that ColourPop has launched a product on Fuentes' birthday either. Last year, the company made Lumiere into an Ultra Matte Lip form. The product was called Lumière 2, which is similar to the Aquarius 2 that just launched.

Aquarius Bundle, $15,

I really hope that this collection is a permanent part of the brand's line up. Between the stunning lip shades and the quirky packaging, you really can't go wrong with this buy. The original Aquarius Lippie Stix is the perfect everyday nude shade and works well all year 'round. Here's a look at Fuentes wearing the color.

If that doesn't sell you on the bundle, then I don't know what will. Considering that she has almost 3 million subscribers, something tells me that the colors won't be around for long. I'd head over there as soon as possible to make sure you don't miss them.