Milk Makeup's "Slayer" Necklace Is Gorgeous

by Kali Borovic

In case you haven't heard, Milk Makeup has a new lip formula in town. It's metallic, pigmented, and everything you never knew you needed. To celebrate, Milk Makeup teamed up with Big Bang NYC to create a stunning necklace in the new shade's honor. Can you buy the Milk Makeup x Big Bang NYC Slayer Necklace? The details aren't clear yet, but there is one date to mark on your calendar.

As you probably already know, Milk Makeup is known for their, well, makeup. But that doesn't stop them from collaborating with some awesome fashion brands from time to time. They've been giving away previously unreleased collabs every Saturday in December, and their last might just be their best yet. Big Bang NYC — a New York based jewelry shop — created a Slayer necklace for a Milk Makeup gift set.

There's no word on whether you'll be able to buy the jewelry-centered kit on it's own, but the brand did give one hint. According to the social media post, they'll be giving one away on Dec. 25. I can't think of a better way to celebrate the Christmas holiday than by winning this fashion meets beauty set. It comes with the necklace plus both of the new Lip Metal shades.

From the photo, it looks like the necklace is a choker. Either way, it's pretty darn trendy. Slayer is the name of the berry colored Lip Metal, but it could also refer to a person who slays as well. Basically, it's a play on the the new color and the trendy term.

Fingers crossed that these gorgeous gift sets go one sale for the public as well. As of right now, Big Bang NYC isn't selling the item separately and neither is Milk Makeup. One thing is for sure though — this is a great last giveaway.

Check back to Milk Makeup's Instagram page, if you want to be a part of the giveaway on Dec. 25. Good luck, and maybe the odds be ever in your favor!

Images: milkmakeup/Instagram (1)