Channel Your Favorite Olympians By Owning These Pieces From Team USA's Closing Ceremony Uniforms

With the Olympic's Closing Ceremony right around the corner on Feb. 25, it's time to gear up to say goodbye to our favorite athletes. From snowboarding gold medalist Red Gerard, who overslept after watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine before his Olympic run, to halfpipe gold medalist Chloe Kim, who tweeted about ice cream between runs, to bronze medalist Adam Rippon, who skated to make Reese Witherspoon proud, it's going to be hard to let go of our champions until 2022. But you can feel connected to your medalists all winter long with the help of some Ralph Lauren swag, even after the Olympics packed up and left PyeongChang. You can buy parts of Team USA's 2018 Olympic Closing Ceremony uniforms, channeling the spirit of the games up until spring.

Ralph Lauren was tasked with creating both the opening and closing ceremony outfits, but the two looks weren't identical. Whereas the opening ceremony uniforms were more of a fashion statement with patchwork jeans and suede, fringed gloves, the closing ceremony uniforms are going to be more sporty with puffer bomber jackets and track pants. But while you can't buy the full head-to-toe look, there are going to be some elements of the uniform for sale on Ralph Lauren's website.

Just be warned: These winter staples don't come cheap. They very much have a designer price tag attached. Check out the options below.


Team USA Ceremony Wool Sweater

Team USA Ceremony Wool Sweater, $495, Ralph Lauren

Coming at you at a whopping $500, this 100 percent wool sweater is the exact color blocked, vaguely '80s athleisure inspired, crew neck sweater that the team will wear underneath their parkas at the closing ceremony. Made in the USA and modeled after a vintage ski sweater, this has "Ralph Lauren" all over it.

"From its wool yarn, which was sourced from a sustainable ranch in Oregon, to its red, white, and blue stripes, this piece pays tribute to all-American craftsmanship," the product description reads. "Designed exclusively by Ralph Lauren for Team USA to wear during the closing ceremony of the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018, it's modeled after a vintage ski sweater and finished with an official USOC shield patch."

One downside to this piece is that it is not size-inclusive: It only runs between sizes XS to M.


Team USA Closing Ceremony Hat

Team USA Closing Ceremony Hat, $195, Ralph Lauren

The Closing Ceremony beanie is a cute mix of logos, Nordic designs, and playful tassels, and it was consciously made using American materials to really add an extra dose of patriotism to the look.

"From the thread used to embroider our signature pony to the Oregon sheep that produce its merino wool yarn, this Nordic-inspired hat is proudly made in America," the product description writes. At the moment it's sold out, but maybe you can strike gold on eBay.


Team USA Ceremony Mittens

Team USA Ceremony Mittens, $135, Ralph Lauren

Who doesn't need mittens during the winter, right? Getting the Team USA Closing Ceremony mittens could be a great way to express your love for the Winter Olympics by twinning with your favorite athletes. Dark navy and 100 percent wool, they come in a red, white, and black Nordic design to bring out our nation's colors. The words "Team USA" are also stitched across the bottom. They also come in three different sizes, spanning from XS to XL.

"Support Team USA—and American craftsmanship—with these convertible mittens that were proudly knit in California. Designed exclusively by Ralph Lauren for our athletes to wear during the closing ceremony of the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018, they feature a patriotic palette," the product description shares.

And bonus: If you flip back the tops of the mittens, you can turn them into fingerless gloves.


Team USA Cotton Bandanna

Team USA Cotton Bandanna, $125, Ralph Lauren

Rather than wearing knit scarves, the team is going to march out in Team USA cotton bandannas — and for $125 that aesthetic could be yours, too. Packed with all of the usual patriotic symbols like eagles, stars, and flags, the bandanna also has the year, "Winter Games," "PyeongChang," and "Ralph Lauren" stamped across it, making it a real memorabilia piece.

If you're interested in any of these items, make sure not to dawdle too long or they will sell out. Get your favorite piece and wear it while you watch the closing ceremony — you'll never feel more connected to your home team.