Can You Buy Team USA's 2018 Olympic Closing Ceremony Uniforms? Bring Some Key Parts Into Your Closet

With the Olympic's Closing Ceremony right around the corner on Feb. 25, it's time to gear up to say goodbye to our favorite athletes. From snowboarding gold medalist Red Gerard, who overslept after watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine before his Olympic run, to halfpipe gold medalist Chloe Kim, who tweeted about ice cream between runs, to bronze medalist Adam Rippon, who skated to make Reese Witherspoon proud, it's going to be hard to let go of our champions until 2022. But you can feel connected to your medalists all winter long with the help of some Ralph Lauren swag, even after the Olympics packed up and left PyeongChang. You can buy parts of Team USA's 2018 Olympic Closing Ceremony uniforms, channeling the spirit of the games up until spring.

Ralph Lauren was tasked with creating both the opening and closing ceremony outfits, but the two looks weren't identical. Whereas the opening ceremony uniforms were more of a fashion statement with patchwork jeans and suede, fringed gloves, the closing ceremony uniforms are going to be more sporty with puffer bomber jackets and track pants. But while you can't buy the full head-to-toe look, there are going to be some elements of the uniform for sale on Ralph Lauren's website.

Ralph Lauren

Just be warned: These winter staples don't come cheap. They very much have a designer price tag attached. Check out the options below.