Can You Buy The AryaBall From 'The Toy Box'? This All-In-One Product Will Be In High Demand

ABC/Jeff Neira

Do you ever wish you could be a kid again? The Toy Box premieres April 7 and may help you to regain some of your lost youth. Eric Stonestreet hosts this new reality competition series, where toy inventors show their products to a panel of experts. Said experts are kids, because who better to judge a reality show trying to find Toyland's Top Toymaker? One of the first toy innovations to be featured on the show is the AryaBall. So, what is this deceptively simple-looking toy, and can you buy an AryaBall of your own?

The AryaBall is quite the creative little invention. Made from dense, high-quality foam, at first glance, it looks like a fairly standard kids' soccer ball — but it's so much more. You can actually open up the soccer ball to reveal a football and a frisbee nested inside. Inside the football is a baseball that — get this — doubles as a golf ball.

As if that's not enough fun already shoved into the AryaBall, you can also purchase an accompanying baseball bat that unfolds into a golf club. Suffice it to say, you can play pretty much any game or combination of games with this nifty little toy. In fact, the frisbee says as much — printed around the edge of the disc is the slogan, "AryaBall does it all!"


The soccer ball is a standard nine inches in diameter, and all the outer pieces are made with special locking technology to ensure that they won't pop open during gametime.

Interested? Well, the ball isn't currently available for purchase. Hundreds were ordered through a successful Kickstarter campaign back in 2014, but right now it's only available for pre-order through the AryaBall website. Don't despair, though: the exciting new ball is slated to be ready for shipping by summer 2017 for $29.99, and the accompanying bat goes for $24.99.

AryaBall, $29.99,

The AryaBall happens to have quite the cute story behind it, too. According to PR Newswire, inventor Babak Forutanpour started dreaming up prototypes back in 2013 after his son Arya expressed disappointment that he forgot to bring a soccer ball to the park. And the football he had brought along just wouldn't cut it. After many prototypes — the first of which involved a tiny soccer ball inside a larger football — the AryaBall of today was created. And with it, Forutanpour hopes to increase outdoor play time for modern kids.

Fun, right? Whether you happen to have kids or not, the AryaBall makes for a great all-in-one toy, ideal for trips to the park. And you should be able to pick up your own soon.