Team USA's Olympics Closing Ceremony Hats Are Actually For Sale & Here's How To Get Them

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There have been a lot of memorable moments from the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, and the fashion was definitely one of them. There's been space-themed snowboarding suits and adorable knit hats, but the best sartorial moment was when the entire team matched. You can buy Team USA's hat from the closing ceremony to be a part of the moment too, but it will cost you. The limited edition item comes with a high fashion priced tag, despite the fact that it looks like you could knit it yourself.

If there's one way to spread your patriotism without saying anything at all, it's by wearing your heart on your sleeve — literally. Team USA got together to give you a little sartorial inspiration at the closing ceremony. The team opted for a more minimal outfit to end the event. The Ralph Lauren puffer jacket and sweater looks incredible, but all eyes were on the accessories.

Hats are having a moment in winter fashion, and the closing ceremony cap proves why. The red, white, and blue hat is knit and has two strings coming from the top. It's made of 100 percent wool and will set you back $195. Despite the fact that the Olympics are just nearing the end, the hat is almost completely sold out. That means you'll want to act fast to snag it before it's gone for good.

Team USA Closing Ceremony Hat, $195, Ralph Lauren

As far as the price goes, there's a few reason why it will cost you so much. First of all, it's wool, which is not only warm for the athletes, but also a high end fabric. The second reason is that some of the money goes directly to fund US athletes, according to the website.

"From the thread used to embroider our signature pony to the Oregon sheep that produce its merino wool yarn, this Nordic-inspired hat is proudly made in America," the product description reads. "It was designed exclusively by Ralph Lauren for Team USA's closing ceremony look at the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018 and will help support our athletes."

Bustle reached out to Ralph Lauren to see exactly how much of the money is a donation and how much goes directly to the company.

Team USA Closing Ceremony Hat, $195, Ralph Lauren

Regardless of the high price tag, that hasn't stopped people from buying the accessory. The hat is almost completely sold out on the Ralph Lauren website. When the hat was first stocked, there was a small/medium and large/extra-large option. As of Feb. 20, there's only the larger size available.

These hats, like the rest of the Olympic uniforms, are limited edition. Once these hats are gone, they're gone for good. That doesn't leave you a lot of time to save up for the accessory. The Olympic uniforms are different every four years, so this will be the last time to get this particular one.

If you're looking to get the entire look, you can shop the rest of the look on the website as well. The top will cost you a cool $495 and the USA-splattered gloves are $135. That makes the entire closing ceremony outfit $825 minus the jacket, which isn't available online.

Team USA Closing Ceremony Hat, $195, Ralph Lauren

Basically, no matter how many gold medals the team has or not, they will still be leaving the Olympics as winners. If you look good, you feel good, and Ralph Lauren is helping with that every step of the way. These closing ceremony outfits will definitely make you feel better about the event coming to an end.