Can You Buy The Smashbox x Amber Ibarreche Makeup Patches? Here's How To Get The Trendy Items

When fashion and makeup collide, magic happens. Smashbox's latest collab is proof of that. The beauty brand teamed up with artist Amber Ibarreche to create some seriously awesome patches. I'm talking all of your favorite makeup items now made into wearable art. Can you buy the Smashbox x Amber Ibarreche patches, you ask? Unfortunately, they're not up for grabs just yet, but there is a way to possibly get your hands on these little accessories.

Patches have been a huge trend lately. You can stick the little items on jackets, jeans, and even bags. Now the fashion trend is crossing over into beauty world thanks to Smashbox and Ibarreche. The artist created three different patches for the beauty brand, and they're all equally as fabulous. There's bright red lips that says "kiss up to yourself", a blush brush that says "you glow girl you glow", and a nude lipstick that says "your beauty breaks all the laws of nature". Basically, they're all fabulous.

Unfortunately, they aren't for sale on the Smashbox site, though. The only way to get the patches is through a giveaway. All you have to do to enter is take a screenshot of your favorite patch on their Snapchat and chat the brand. It's that easy!

Smashbox didn't say exactly how many people would win, but there are a few other details about the giveaway. You'll not only win the patches, but you'll also get some makeup goodies as well. Smashbox Primer, Be Legendary Lipstick, and Always On Lipsticks are also up for grabs.

Smashbox Snapchat

If you're looking to enter, you have until Dec. 9 at 3 p.m. ET to get your screenshots in. After that, the giveaway is over. It's unclear whether the patches will eventually be available to buy or if this is just for a giveaway.

Just to be safe, you should probably enter while you still can. So what are you waiting for? Go enter to win some free products, people!