Charlie Goldsmith Thinks He Has A Gift To Heal People & Science May Agree


If someone told you they could heal you with only energy, would you believe them? This is the struggle that the star of TLC's newest show, The Healer, Charlie Goldsmith, endured when he revealed what he believes is his gift to his family. And soon, with his new show, he'll be revealing it to the world. But now for the question I'm sure is on everyone's mind: how exactly does Goldsmith heal people, and can you get an appointment with The Healer?

Unfortunately, from Goldsmith's website, it doesn't appear that there is any way to book an appointment with the TLC star. But that's probably because Goldsmith is so busy participating in scientific studies. According to his website, one study was conducted by Monash University Professor Paul Komesaroff and the NYU Lutheran hospital, the results of which were published in 2015. Another study of his practices is currently underway, and is conducted jointly by Monash University Professor Paul Komesaroff and New York University Professor Natalie Jeremijenko. According to his website, "It has always been Charlie’s intention to expose his work to multiple scientific studies." Goldsmith says on his website that he never charges for his services.

Goldsmith practices what is called "energy medicine," and the phenomenon is kind of hard to describe. The show's website on TLC shares that Goldsmith "discovered he had the incredible ability to heal people at only 18 years old, and he's been helping people with acute pain and chronic injuries ever since." But how he actually is able to heal people still is a little unclear.


In a clip for the show reported on by People magazine, Goldsmith attempted to elucidate his methods for future viewers of the show:

“When I focus my energy on somebody’s issue, often the state of that issue will rapidly change ... I’ve helped a lot of people with infections, a lot of people with viruses, with significant pain that pain killers haven’t even improved.”

Goldsmith is also aware that his claims to be an energy healer might be viewed skeptically by the majority of people. In the same clip, Goldsmith shared:

“I don’t have a clean slate, like, I’ve just discovered healing, and everyone’s like, ‘We’ve never heard of that, let’s check it out'" ... “It’s like, I’ve just discovered healing and everyone’s going, ‘Well, that’s been proven to be fraudulent.’ ”... “Then I’ve got to go, ‘OK, no it’s not a fraud — just give me a second of your time and I’ll show you it’s not."

The studies done by medical professionals reveal that something Goldsmith is doing seems to have a positive effect on his patient's health. The 2015 published study reported that out of 50 people who reported to be in pain, 76 percent showed "marked improvement," during his EM sessions.

Goldsmith's official website is littered with personal testimonials of people who claim Goldsmith has helped. Beverly Johnson, whose husband suffered chronic leg pain after having his knee replaced, writes that:

In October 2016 I saw the article at my computer and decided to email Charlie in case he could help ... Charlie called from down under and did his energy work on Fred for about 15 minutes ... almost immediately he had no pain and now over 60 days later he is still pain free ... Fred is 81 and we have a life now ... We are soooo thankful.

Another patient described how Goldsmith was allegedly able to cure him of his back and foot pain over the phone:

Charlie phoned me and asked me to describe exactly where the pain was in my lower back, a few seconds later I could feel a warmth go through my body and then focus on the area where the pain was coming from. I was pain free and in shock. Charlie also treated my feet, which I had broke seven bones across both of them. I hadn't been pain free for a single day since I originally broke them. I described to Charlie where they were painful and I felt the same warmth in the area of the breaks. The pain had disappeared and for the first time that I can remember I was pain free in both my feet.

On his new TLC show, Goldsmith will have the ability to show his incredible abilities to a wider audience, and even bring his gifts to Hollywood to try to treat celebrities such as Jennifer Grey, who has suffered from chronic pain ever since a car accident. And by bringing his gift to the public, he might even be able to get to the bottom of what exactly his abilities are.

Maybe in time Goldsmith will be able to turn all of his skeptics into true believers.