There's One Catch To Booking A Trip To Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club From Her MTV Show

Lindsay Lohan is back in the spotlight, only this time she's not acting, singing, or trying her hand at political activism. She's running a swanky beach club in Mykonos that caters to wealthy, beautiful young people looking to blow off steam in the Mediterranean paradise. Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club premieres on Jan. 8 on MTV, and if you just so happen to have a sizable wad of cash burning a hole in your pocket as you watch the antics unfold, you might be wondering, is the Lohan Beach club open? Can you go visit it for yourself?

Unfortunately, it looks like the club has closed up shop, at least for the season. According to the Guardian, the Lohan Beach House closed its doors in September. That's not unusual in touristy summer locales like Mykonos and Santorini, where beach clubs close down for winter months.

The official Lohan Beach House website reads, "Lohan Beach House Mykonos is closed for the winter season. You can find us at Lohan Nightclub [in Athens]." Bustle's request for comment about when the club would reopen for the season was not immediately returned, although a source told Vanity Fair that it would be reopening for the Summer 2019 season.

A Lohan Beach House Instagram post from Dec. 15 features the caption "Summer memories 2018..... CU Summer 2019," which seems like a good sign that Lohan fans will have another chance at recreating the viral Lilo dance in its original setting next year.

The website is currently accepting reservations, which is a good sign, although some people have complained that it's confusing given that the club itself isn't open. Catherine McCarthy and Christian Sese made reservations on the Lohan Beach House website in October, when the summer tourist season would have already ended, according to the sameVanity Fair report. She said, "I had actually made lunch reservations for my friends and I went through their website but got no response back, so I assumed they’d be open." Unfortunately, Sese's crew arrived to find the place completely deserted, given that it was a month after the place had shuttered its doors for the season.

McCarthy told Vanity Fair that the club seemed to be left to its own state of disrepair compared to other summer venues in the area, suspecting that it might be closed for good. "I saw a lot of work being done to board up windows, drain pools, trim plants, etc. [in other places] on Mykonos and Santorini, since it’s the very end of the season. This place was stripped bare and looked like everyone and everything had been left to the elements — not like it was going to be re-used again," she said.

Then again, people are particularly hard on Lohan and a beach club closing in Greece for the fall and winter isn't exactly surprising. In fact, it sounds more like Lohan's staff closed the place up before some of the other resorts. That being said, if you want to make the trip, you might be better off booking at a place that's been around a little longer and then taking a day to go see if you can spot Lohan and Panos directing their staff around given that there's no official word on the Summer 2018 opening date yet and booking flights early is key.

In the meantime, you can always still head to Athens, where Lohan Nightclub is still open for business year round.