You Could Hire This ‘Bachelor’ Contestant To Photograph Your Wedding

Craig Sjodin/ABC

A lot of Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants have interesting careers. The franchise has seen everything from a magician to an aspiring dolphin trainer. Some professions are more in demand than others, meaning that you could possibly work with your Bach Nation fave, including some women from Arie's season. But can you hire Maquel from The Bachelor to be your photographer for your next special event?

When Maquel Cooper first appeared on The Bachelor: Countdown to Arie special, she didn't share why or how she got into photography, but she did talk about why she has such a special affinity for taking wedding photos. “I love shooting brides,” she said. “I like knowing that these photos are going to follow them for the rest of their lives.” It would appear that Maquel actually did not intend to pursue photography professionally, at first. According to her Facebook profile, she studied EMT at Mountain Applied Technology College.

According to her professional Instagram profile, Maquel thinks of herself as a "portrait photographer," even though she does shoot events. The various shots that she showcases on this profile appear to include the range of different kinds of photography work she does, including wedding photos, engagement photos, family photos, and, of course, portraits. Her bio also indicates that her professional website is under construction, perhaps to return after this Bachelor season finishes airing.

So, for now, if you're interested in hiring Maquel to photograph you, a loved one, or a life event, your best bet would probably be getting in touch with her via email or her social media. On her personal Instagram page, she shares personal (but still artistic, obviously) snaps of herself and her friends and family. She also shares her Snapchat name, @maquelcooper, as well as her email address for inquiries. Her profile will definitely be raised after she vies for Arie's heart on The Bachelor, so probably good to get those bids in now. There's no information on either of her profiles about her pricing or availability, so again, probably best just to ask in order to get an estimate. Her professional profile does indicate that she's up to travel, so don't worry about where you live, as long as you can meet her prices.

So, Maquel has a way with a camera. And her official ABC bio sheds some more light on what makes her unique. She's 23 years old, and hails from American Fork, Utah. She thinks that Paris is the most romantic of all cities, and loves amusement parks, because she is an adrenaline junkie. Maquel's favorite holiday is Halloween, which makes sense, for someone with an artistic eye. Ryan Gosling is her ideal man; she has no tattoos; and she hates it when a date gets too touchy too quickly. And she doesn't like to go too long without eating, so hopefully Arie will be providing meals on all these dates.

So, Maquel seems to have a thriving business, a real passion, lots of opinions and a love for Ryan Gosling. Any of these characteristics could set her apart in Arie's search for love, though there's still a lot of season left to go. And if The Bachelor doesn't go her way, she can return to her life of helping people document their happy memories.

And if things end up working out on this journey for Arie and Maquel, she could end up shooting a few photos at her own dream wedding pretty soon. But that all depends on whether the photographer clicks with the race car driver and sticks around all the way through the final rose.