You Can Rent Out The 'Love Island' Villa But You'll Need To Do Some Grafting First


Struggling to decide where to go on holiday this summer? Well, here's some good news, it turns out you can actually rent the Love Island villa — no applications required. Believe it or not, the famous pad is available for the public to hire out when the show isn’t being filmed there, though you may have to graft a little bit to secure a booking as it’s in very high demand. But before you get your friends together to plan the ultimate Love Island inspired getaway, here are a few things you should know.

As viewers of the hit ITV2 show will know, the luxury villa is located in the sunny Spanish island of Majorca — the largest Balearic Island situated on the south-east coast of mainland Spain. It is known as the sister island to Ibiza and is also home to notorious party destination, Magaluf — a prime spot for British reality TV shows like The Magaluf Weekender, another ITV production. However, the Love island villa itself is nowhere near the party district and is instead placed on the outskirts of a quiet town called Sant Llorenc des Cardassar close to an area of hills known locally as Sa Real, according to The Telegraph.

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While the producers of the show have remained tight-lipped about the look of the villa for the new season, which will launch on June 4, ITV has confirmed it’ll be set in the same villa. That means you can expect to see the new islanders enjoying all of the same luxuries that last year's cast indulged in, like the infinity pool, super-sized hot tub, gym, outdoor kitchen, marble toilets, and spacious bedroom, as well as the vast living space. Then there’s the "hideaway" of course, which is always extra swanky and will no doubt be redesigned for the new series along with the rest of the house.

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For those who are keen on visiting the villa, you can do so with prices reportedly starting at £3,000 for a seven night stay, according to The Sun. But unlike the islanders, who are provided with on-site canteen staff who cook their meals for them, you'll have to provide your own food. You might also want to bring your most entertaining pals as Love Island 2016 contestant Kady McDermott once revealed that the villa can get dull. "It's actually really boring on the show," she said in an interview with Cosmopolitan. "You have to entertain yourself for 24 hours a day."

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Though, on the plus side, you won't have cameras watching your every move. "There were 68 rotating cameras in the house and outside, and they were hidden on the walls," McDermott said in the same interview. "There were also two men — one by the kitchen and one by the smoking area — outside, with proper, massive cameras. The whole garden set was fake and set up so they could hide in the furniture with all their equipment. You couldn’t see the men, but sometimes we would chat to them and ask, ‘You alright?’ and they would respond by nodding the camera." That all sounds very intense. But hey, if there weren't any cameras, I'd have no Love Island to watch so I'm definitely not complaining.

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Caroline Flack will be reprising her role as host while Iain Stirling will continue to serve as voice-over genius when Love Island returns. While there are a lot of things we expect to see this season for it to be our type on paper, fans can't wait to be introduced to the new islanders.

The new season will run for eight weeks after its aforementioned launched date — an extra week compared to last year's season. But once it's finished, it could be your turn to enjoy a stay in the villa if you fancy splashing the cash.