The 'Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart' Performances Aren't Available To Stream — Yet

Listen To Your Heart song performances aren't easy to find.
John Fleenor/ABC

This week's debut of The Bachelor spinoff Listen To Your Heart hit all the right notes when it comes good reality TV: drama, kissing, and rose ceremonies. But it also had something brand new — singing. All of these contestants have some sort of musical background, which means performances will play a big part in the series. However, figuring out how to stream the Listen To Your Heart performances is a little easier said than done. Because while these couples may be hitting high and low notes left and right on the show, finding ways to enjoy their various duets once the the episode is over is already proving to be an impossible feat.

At this time, none of the songs performed on Listen To Your Heart are available on iTunes or Spotify — at least not the versions done by the contestants themselves. This includes Ryan and Jamie's rendition of John Mayor's song "Gravity," which they recorded at Capital Records during their one-on-one date. Perhaps it'll be made available at a later date to the general public, but for now, if you want to re-listen to their version of the classic song, you'll need to go back and rewatch the episode to do so or catch glimpses of them throughout the previews. Bustle reached out to ABC for comment on the matter, but did not receive an immediate response.

Typically, singing shows like The Voice and American Idol make songs that the contestants perform available for purchase, so it'd be surprising if Listen To Your Heart didn't follow suite. In the meantime, though, there's still plenty of ways to enjoy the contestants' singing abilities, even if it's not with the exact song you were hoping for.

Ryan, for example, has posted several videos of himself singing on Instagram, including Marvin Gaye's hit "What's Going On," which you can enjoy any time at your leisure.

The same can be said for many of the other contestants still on the show. Trevor's Instagram is a great one to check out if you're hoping to jam out to some original content. He loves writing his own material and sharing it with the world, which you can see firsthand anytime you head over to his social media account.

It may not be the same as enjoying the performances from the actual episodes, but it's the next best thing and still allows you to enjoy their vocal talents in some form or another.