How To Actually Teach Yourself To Be Psychic, According To A Real Medium

by Kaitlyn Wylde

When you have a psychic reading, there’s quite a substantial boundary between you and the medium. While there might be a little bit of small talk as you get settled, it’s very clear from the beginning that the psychic is performing a service that’s beyond your comprehension, and your job is to sit there and lean into the experience. There’s no question and answer session at the end, no peak behind the scenes or conversation beyond the reading. The unspoken idea is that the person you’re reading with has a gift that you don’t have, and that’s why you’re paying to access it. But just because there isn’t room built-in for you to ask questions, doesn’t mean you don't have them. If you’ve ever wondered what the deal with psychics is, you’re not alone. I for one would like to know if you can teach yourself to be psychic — for one, because job security is not promised these days, and for two, I can’t ever imagine a time that I wouldn't want to know what’s going to happen to me in the future. I'm also just curious if my spidey senses are real or imagined, as I think we all are.

So to answer these questions, Bustle spoke to psychic medium Sheri D. Engler about her feelings on the path to becoming a psychic. For Engler, she aways knew she wanted to help people, as she started out studying psychology and counseling in college, as for when how she regards coming to her metaphysical capabilities, it was definitely learned.

According to Engler, “Everyone is born with natural psychic abilities,” so it’s just a matter of whether or not you nurture and harness them that divides the people who become professional mediums. “The problem is that throughout our childhoods most of us are convinced that it’s not real and end up burying our gifts. Some people are born with a stronger aptitude than others just like some people can naturally play the piano better than others,” Engler continues, hinting at her belief that if you put enough work into fine-tuning your empathic nature, you might be able to tap into something a bit more profound. And if “psychic genes” run in your family, your abilities will likely be more evident. According to Engler, here are the two most important factors of becoming a psychic:

A Good Teacher

Just as with professional endeavor, Engler explains that having a good mentor is paramount to your career. If you don’t have the resources to work with someone directly, Engler suggests you start with YouTube videos. Do your research! Listen to other psychics talk about their craft and method online and see if anything resonates with you. Engler believes we’re all born with an ability to connect with others, mentally, but it will take time and practice to be able to control and improve that skill. “Like with anything else, practice, practice, practice,” Engler encourages.

A Strong Desire

"Chances are that if you have a strong desire to become a psychic, you are already one just waiting to happen and you just don’t know it,” Engler says. She believes that there’s almost always a direct connection between our purpose and our true joys and interests. So if you’re excited by the idea of becoming a psychic, and the research and work its appealing to you, go for it. So long as you feel motivated and focused, you can expand your mind and hone your skills.