Cardi B Revealed Her Pregnancy On ‘Saturday Night Live’ & Twitter Is Overjoyed

Rosalind O'Connor/NBC

After facing rumors for who knows how long, rapper Cardi B announced her pregnancy on Saturday Night Live in a way that left fans stunned... before the tweets of glee and congratulations started to roll in. A baby and a new album? This is truly her year — watch out, y'all!

During the first musical number in the April 7 episode, Cardi was on stage dressed (fabulously) like an Oompa Loompa cosplaying as Cruella De Vil or an ostrich drawn by Dr. Seuss. There was a lot going on, and fan speculation as to whether or not the elaborate feathers were attempting to hide a bump. All was glamorously and quite literally revealed in the second performance, when Cardi showed off her pregnant belly in an impeccable gown. The camera kept tight on her face before letting the folks at home see what everyone in the audience at 30 Rock already knew.

Cardi B's latest album, un-ironically titled "Invasion of Privacy," is set to debut at #1 on the Billboard Top 100 and already has a stamp of approval from Oprah Winfrey on Instagram.

The rapper isn't the only star to visually announce a pregnancy on live television, lest we forget Beyoncé's beyond epic VMA reveal in 2011 that basically broke the internet. Still, this was an incredible move on Cardi B's behalf. It didn't take away from Chadwick Boseman's hosting stint, but it did put all those rumors to rest. Not only is she clearly pregnant, but she's clearly not letting that or anything stop her from getting up on stage and entertaining us all.

On social media, the shock ranged from delightful and real to snarky and faux. Here's what fans had to say about the big news:

First of all, the gown in question was custom designed by Christian Siriano, which he revealed on Twitter.

Anyone can be a prophet.

Rumors just get wilder and weirder and the truth will out. Better that Cardi B control the story and tell the world her news on her own terms.

Still, like, there were so many signs — right?

She looks like a fashion Oompa Loompa! Do not sleep on this! Anyway.

Look at this cute backstage video! It's so great to see everyone so happy.

See what they did there? Good one, good one.

Even the camera angles were clues, you guys.

You think? Fans might need to go back and watch for more clues once the episode is streaming.

Because like... clearly there is a lot of drama that needs to be sorted through. As a mother to be, she looks perfectly healthy and seems to be doing fine... but in retrospect, what does that mean about all of these songs?

Like, for example, this word from Offset, Cardi's boyfriend.

If any infant is going to come out of the room rolling their Rs, it will be Cardi B's.

The performer also appeared in one pre-recorded sketch during the episode, which followed Aidy Bryant's Cardi B-inspired empowerment trip around the SNL offices during the week.

Finally — don't you dare let this diminish the power and the awesome that was Cardi B saying "no b*tch I’m just getting fat — let me fat in peace" in response to a fan hinting at pregnancy rumors on Instagram. That remains awesome, even if in retrospect it may or may not have been the truth. Pregnant or not, we should all feel that we are allowed to fat in peace. Amen.

All in all, congratulations to Cardi B on the new edition and jaw-dropping announcement!