Cardi B Just Went Off On Trump In An Instagram Video About The Government Shutdown

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Pulling no punches in a video posted to Instagram on Wednesday, Cardi B talked about the partial government shutdown and how it's affecting thousands of federal workers across America. "I just wanted to remind you all because it's been a little over three weeks," Cardi said, "Trump is now ordering, as in summoning, federal workers to go back to work without getting paid."

In the caption for her video, Cardi wrote, "I know a lot of ya do r watch the news so I'm letting ya know sh*t getting real." The partial government shutdown, which is now the longest one in American history, is the result of an ongoing disagreement between President Donald Trump and Congressional Democrats.

Trump has refused to budge on his demand for funding for a border wall to be included in a federal spending bill. Democratic leaders, however, have consistently opposed this demand, with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi calling the wall an "immorality."

All of this is not lost on Cardi. In her Instagram video, Cardi said that she didn't want to hear excuses for the government shutdown. For those who point to the government shutdown under former President Barack Obama, Cardi had a rebuttal: "Yeah, for health care!"

As a result of the partial government shutdown, some 800,000 federal workers remain without pay. And their troubles — including being unable to pay for food, medicine, or rent — have only gotten worse over the past few weeks. On Tuesday, the Trump administration called some 50,000 of those unpaid federal employees back to their jobs. They'll be working without their paychecks.

This won't be the first time Cardi sounded off on Trump's shutdown. In a recent and separate video, the rapper directly addressed Trump and said, "You promised these f*cking racist rednecks that you was gonna build the wall, but you know that was impossible. But they voted for you and you promised them this sh*t so now you have to do it."

Perhaps in language that would make more sense to millennials than the older generation, Cardi also called the president a "clout chaser" similar to "one of these new rap artists; they follow, they do the most for clout."

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Cardi isn't alone in her criticism of the ongoing government shutdown, which has halted federally funded research, thousands of immigration hearings, and more. Federal employees in different parts of the country have staged protests, demanding to be paid on time. But the president doesn't appear at all closer to changing his mind about wanting funding for a border wall — even despite the polls showing that a majority of Americans blame Trump for the shutdown.

It's this kind of uncertainty about how long the shutdown will go on that the New York rapper lamented. "Our country is in a h*llhole, all for a f*cking wall," Cardi said, adding that people should gather to take action to help government employees. Although Cardi used strong language to make her point against the government shutdown, she had a moment of vulnerability that probably encapsulates how many Americans feel right now.

"I'm scared," the rapper admitted. "This is crazy."