Cardi B Just Revealed A Giant New Back Tattoo That Took 60 Hours To Complete

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Some celebrities enjoy getting delicate ink added to their tattoo collection (here's looking at you, Hailey Bieber), but Cardi B's new back tattoo is the furthest thing from minimalist. The rapper and actor's newest addition is a sight to behold, and according to her Instagram feed, the piece took several months to complete.

Over Memorial Day weekend, Cardi B posted a video to Instagram showing off a colorful new floral tattoo that starts at the back of her neck and runs all the way down the side of her thigh. The ink is a swirling compilation of large florals in every shade of the rainbow with butterflies and hummingbirds dispersed throughout.

In her original video of the new ink, the rapper credited tattoo artist Jamie Schene, tagging him in the post. Schene, on his Instagram page, explained the piece took more than 60 hours to create and was done in 10 different cities. He went on to thank Cardi for her hospitality and dedication to the piece of art.

Since revealing the new ink, Cardi has followed up explaining that her back is itching and peeling from the healing process. Still, she seems to love the piece, adding, "Look how bright."