These New Vitamin Quick Sticks Will Give You An Instant Boost Whenever You Need It

For the many of us, taking a daily vitamin is on the same list as deep-cleaning our carpets and writing handwritten cards — things we wish we did regularly but can't make time for. Even if you decide you want to take regular vitamins, it's overwhelming to order them when you don't know which nutrients you actually need to stay healthy. Care/of already changed the daily vitamin game when they launched personalized vitamin packs that you've probably seen all over your Instagram. But now, Care/of's new Quick Sticks can help you get a vitamin boost wherever, whenever. Because it's 2018.

Care/of isn't new to the vitamin distribution business — the company already provides a customizable vitamin regimen that can be delivered to your door on the monthly. But if you're looking for a quick boost outside of your daily routine, you can keep these Quick Sticks in your bag for whenever you might need them. They come in individual packets of powder which are meant to be consumed straight, kind of like a Pixi Stick. Five sticks are $5 per month, which is basically what you already spend at Starbucks on the regular, so why not invest in your health? The vitamin sticks, which you can buy starting on May 23, come in four flavors: Pocket Protector, Gut Check, Extra Batteries, and Dream Team. The names may be cutesy, but the vitamin sticks are actually filled with essential nutrients.

There's pretty much a vitamin stick for every problem you might be dealing with. Pocket Protector claims to "enhance your body's defenses and support your immune system in one gulp." It has a probiotic blend, and the company says it tastes like red berries. Gut Check is "for days when you just need things to stay...normal," according to Care/of, aka supports your digestive health. Extra Batteries — for the days "you just need to recharge" — is orange-flavored, and it has caffeine and vitamin B12. A press release from Care/of says one stick contains as much caffeine as a cup of coffee. Dream Team tastes like mixed berries and makes sure you get enough sleep, and it's recommended that you take it right before bedtime. Bonus: it contains melatonin, which the hormone your brain naturally releases when you're getting ready for bed. Double bonus? You can see exactly what ingredients are doing the work of your Quick Sticks on Care/of's website, and read more into studies that support the claims made.

Another Quick Stick that will soon be available focuses on de-stressing. Chill Factor blends gamma-Aminobutyric acid (GABA) powder with chamomile, lemon balm and passion flower extract. If you've ever taken a benzodiadepene like Xanax or Klonpoin, you're likely familiar with GABA — anti-anxiety drugs enhance the effect of the neurotransmitter, which essentially helps you calm down when you're dealing with a lot of stress.

A report from the Environmental Working Group says that many adults in the U.S. deal with nutrient deficiency, and "more than 40 percent of adults have dietary intakes of vitamin A, C, D and E, calcium and magnesium below the average requirement for their age and gender." We often think of food deficiency as something that happens elsewhere, but Americans are in need of nutrients, especially when our diets don't provide the nutrients we need. Taking vitamins isn't just a healthy habit — it's a decision that could vastly improve our lives.

Of course, no vitamin is a magic fix, and staying healthy and energized requires you to be aware of your body, emotions, and overall mental wellbeing. But if you can't bring yourself to actually wander around the vitamin aisle wondering what you need to buy, this is one extremely convenient solution — and you won't have any excuses to not take your vitamins.