'RHOBH' Needs Carnie Wilson Full Time

by Alaina Urquhart-White
Nicole Weingart/Bravo

Tuesday on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Rinna finally realized that she is filming a reality show. She has been reluctant to admit that she talked to Eden about Kim Richards and alleged that Kyle enables her, but tonight she decided to finally come clean. I have to assume that she realized that she was backed into a corner and remembered that her words were recorded by several cameras that follow her all of the time. At a random cake tasting for Carnie Wilson (nope, I am not making that up), Rinna admitted that she did say those things on RHOBH and the conversation got really heated.

Last week, Rinna was claiming that she never alleged that Kim was "close to death." This week, Rinna suddenly had an epiphany and decided Kyle's party was the place to hash it out. All of the ladies sat down and Rinna apologized to Kim. Of course, things exploded because she had been denying it for weeks at this point. Then, the wrath started to focus on Eden for repeating the gossip, which wasn't really fair in my opinion because she was just the messenger.

Unfortunately, the conversation started to take a nasty turn and Kyle began to say that if they were all questioning Kim's sobriety, then they could just as easily question Eden's. Then Kim started bringing up Eden's sister who passed away from addiction. Honestly, at that point it became a little uncomfortable. No one should be in the business of discussing other people's recovery processes and bringing up Eden's sister was a low blow, and Rinna had the same disgusted reaction that I did.

The greatest part of this whole thing was watching Carnie Wilson's face the entire time. She looked absolutely horrified and it was hilarious to see this random celebrity thrown in the middle of Real Housewives drama.

Carnie actually came out with some sound advice for Kim, telling her that she needed to hear Rinna and move forward. She also explained that Kim and Kyle need to have some compassion for the fact that Eden and Rinna lost sisters to addiction and are bound to feel a connection to the situation. In the end, we all learned that Carnie Wilson needs to be added to the main cast and that cake can solve all of the world's problems.