Caroline Flack Has A Twin Sister, But You Won't Be Seeing Them Collab Any Time Soon

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Sometimes, you hear something about a celebrity that you never knew. And you wonder exactly how it is that you could not have known. (Maybe because famous people aren't required to divulge every detail of their private life, but anyway.) This was exactly my reaction when I found out about Caroline Flack's twin sister.

Yes, the Love Island presenter has a twin and it seems like barely anyone knows about it. It might be because Flack's twin, Jody Flack, isn't identical to her famous sister, raising no suspicions whatsoever.

But it's not like the 38-year-old presenter is quiet when it comes to her family on social media. She's always posting throwback photos of her and her sister, as well as current day photos of days spent with her two nieces and nephew.

Flack previously told the Daily Express that she and Jody had decided to go down very different paths in life. "She's a mum with three beautiful children, so we have completely different lives, but we enjoy each other's life vicariously," she said.

This probably explains why there are very few paparazzi photos of the two together. In fact, bar a couple of occasions, the only memorable sighting of Jody was in 2011 when she was spotted driving the one and only Harry Styles to King's Cross station, reports Heat. This isn't as random as it sounds as Flack was reportedly dating the former One Direction member at the time.

If Flack's social media sharing didn't make it clear, the siblings are pretty tight. "We're very close," the Love Island host mentioned to the Daily Express. "We shared a bed until we were four and we were in the same class at school — but we're quite different."

It must be difficult when your twin sister presents one of the most watched reality TV shows ever and you just want a quiet life with your family. But Jody isn't alone in wanting to stay out of the limelight. Several other famous twins have made exactly the same decision.

Flack’s close friend Olly Murs also has a twin. Unfortunately, he reportedly hasn’t spoken to his brother Ben in years after Murs chose performing on The X Factor over being the best man at his twin’s wedding. Nine years have since passed since, but Murs told the paper that he is hopeful that they will speak again, saying: “I’ve got no doubt it will happen — I’m sure it will because we’re family and regardless of everything that’s happened I’m sure we can come to some understanding and love will come through."

Actor Vin Diesel (real name Mark Sinclair Vincent) also has a twin brother who looks nothing like him. Paul Vincent does actually work in the film industry but prefers to stay behind the camera, reports the BBC. However, fans were desperate to know more about him. The search for Diesel's twin then got so intense that The Fast and the Furious star was forced to reveal his twin's identity on Instagram after another man was falsely identified.

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Lastly, Mr. Robot star Rami Malek is also a twin. His brother, called Sami Malek, must easily be mistaken for his brother as they look so alike. But he has steered clear of Hollywood, preferring to teach instead, according to Vulture.

Mind blown.