Carrie Fisher Appears In The 'Catastrophe' Season 3 Trailer & Her Role Will Bring You To Tears — VIDEO

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you're a fan of the late Princess Leia actor, you'll probably already know that her last work was on a British sitcom. Carrie Fisher's role in Catastrophe is a pertinent question, since the Catastrophe Season 3 trailer of the show just dropped and we get a split second view of Fisher.

The series focuses on an American ad exec, Rob (played by Rob Delaney), and an Irish teacher, Sharon (Sharon Morris), who get together after during a brief affair while Rob is on business in Britain. As a result of their affair, Sharon becomes pregnant. Fisher plays Rob's mother, Mia, a deliciously foul-mouthed single mother who wasn't totally behind the idea of her son raising a baby abroad in the first place.

She's got some of Fisher's characteristic saltiness and boasts the sort of fabulous wardrobe you imagine the actor herself might have had (though admittedly, she's far more annoying than I believe the actor would have ever been capable of being in reality). So, yes, while she's not exactly a Fisher stand in, she's worlds away from the typical sitcom frail elderly mother. She's not aghast at the idea of a baby because she's conservative and doesn't believe in sex before marriage, but because she can't understand Rob's reasoning for becoming a father with a woman he barely knows in the first place.

The makers of the show have been sensitive to the fact that this is an iconic actor's final role. The third season has already aired in Britain and, from the sounds of it, the final episode includes a tribute to the star. Twitter has been full of praise for the way the show has handled it:

Get set for overwhelming levels of emotion:

It sounds as if Fisher was one of the best things about Season 3:

So if you're ready to laugh and get a little weepy all at once, it might be worth celebrating a seriously fabulous life of work by tuning into the third season of this much-loved series. From the sounds of things, this was a stand-out performance in a life of continuously great work.