Gary Fisher Is By His Mom's Side Like A True BFF

by Allie Gemmill
Jesse Grant/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Be still, my beating heart: There is goodness in this world. Shortly after news broke of actor Carrie Fisher's reported heart attack during a flight from London to Los Angeles, many rushed to social media to voice their concerns. Meanwhile, TMZ reported that Fisher's canine companion, Gary, arrived at the hospital where Fisher is staying so he could be by his best friend's side. His arrival may have been — I can only hope, but can in no way confirm — just the thing Fisher needed during this upsetting event, because he is truly her BFF.

Gary Fisher is an adorable dog. It's almost impossible not to smile at a picture of him, tongue hanging lopsidedly out of his mouth and usually snuggling up next to his owner. At nearly every red carpet and major press event Fisher attends, Gary is right by her side. He may just be the most well-behaved pet in show business — how else do you explain his calm under those bright paparazzi lights?

On his Instagram, Gary's life is documented in adorable detail. Dinner dates with "Mom" (that's Fisher) or sleeping on stuffed animals during book signings are just a few of the activities Gary enjoys. He's practically just as famous as Fisher nowadays, having been snapped with Olympian Katie Ledecky and Kristen Stewart at Cannes Film Festival. It's official: Gary is cooler than all of us.

Gary's effortlessly cool attitude, along with that angelic face, means that he is totally like Fisher, a very admirable woman herself. Their friendship is a constant on Fisher's Twitter account, too, and she loves to document her adventures with him. While in Italy, Fisher tweeted out a photo of the pup on a balcony, joking that Gary was going as Lando Calrissian for Halloween. This friendship is pure #goals.

These uncertain times for Fisher will hopefully get better, if the current reports remain true. And with Gary by Fisher's side, I sincerely hope nothing but the best befalls this amazing woman.

Take it easy, Fisher. We can't wait to have you back with us soon.