You Can Send Your Cat-Loving Friend A Bouquet Shaped Like A Cat

by Brittany Bennett

Everybody knows a cat person. It could be your mom, your sister, your uncle, your fourth grade teacher that you just became Facebook friends with, or your best friend. (If you don't know who it is, it's probably you.) Should you be inspired to commit a random act of kindness — or if the occasion calls for it — I have the ~purrfect~ bouquet of flowers for you to send. Yes, you can send your cat-loving friend a bouquet shaped like cat.

Technically speaking, this bouquet is meant for Halloween, but let's be honest — it doesn't really matter if it's for Halloween, or a birthday, or just because it's Thursday afternoon. A cat person will warmly receive a cat sculpture of flowers in a woven basket any day. It may not be an actual cat, but because these carnations are shaped like one, you can bet the cat person recipient will think this is ~clawesome~.

The Purrfect Potions Fabulous Feline bouquet is shipped by 1-800-Flowers. And yes, it's meant for Halloween, but the only indication of the holiday is the discreet witch hat atop the flower cat's head. A cat person will see this and think, "A cat in a hat, how cute!". The basket retails for $54.99 and colors, as well as the variety, of flowers may vary based upon local availability. Nevertheless, it'll still be a cat. And your cat person friend will be delighted.

Per 1-800-Flowers, the 3D arrangement is constructed "with lime green carnations, mini orange carnations, purple statice," and is filled out with assorted greenery. You might want to pounce on this bouquet right meow as the arrangement is categorized under Halloween Flowers, and therefore may be available for a limited time. But, because cat people will go for just about anything feline-related, there are plenty of other cat-related gifts you can bestow upon the cat lover you love.

Cat Shower Caddy

Did your cat person bestie just ~post~ up in a new abode? Sounds like it might be time for a housewarming gift. The gold stainless steel Cat Shower Caddy sold by Urban Outfitters might become their home's favorite detail.

Party Cats Painted Stemless Wine Glass Box Set

Should you be out shopping for new glassware and come across stemless wine glasses with painted portraits of cats on them, do not hesitate to place them in your cart. Surely your cat person friend has a birthday coming up, or their cat has a birthday coming up and you know that because you were invited to its party. This will be appreciated.

Kikkerland Cat Bag Clips

It's the little things, like cat shaped bag clips. If you see this on your next window shopping spree through Amazon, put it in your cart and ship it to your feline friends.

Coffee, Tea Or Kitty Mug

If your co-worker, the one with framed pictures of their cat, doesn't already have a cat mug for the office, get them one. Every cat person needs a cat mug to get them through the work week.

Sass & Belle Cat's Whiskers Mini Planter

Alas, if you'd like to keep the cat gift plant-themed, while there is no feline-shaped succulent I know of — yet — there are plenty of cute cat planters. Have a sweet plant sent to your sweet cat friend because they deserve it.

Your friend will think all of the above gifts are the ~cat's meow~.

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