How To Make Your Partner Like Cats If They Don’t Already

Wang He/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Just as it's a truth universally acknowledged that a single man of good fortune must be in want of a wife, it's also globally known that many relationships involve one cat person and one person who really, really, really doesn't like cats. My own relationship was one such example. My husband had grown up with two cats (called, imaginatively, Left and Right) who lived to their early twenties. I, meanwhile, lived in Australia with gigantic, beloved dogs and a feral cat problem, and the only domestic cat I ever encountered was a flat-faced Siamese with a bad attitude. I had to be coaxed and re-educated into liking cats over the course of about five years. If you're wondering how to make your partner like cats, I'm proof that you can, indeed, turn someone into a cat person (but not, like, that kind of cat person).

If your partner has allergies or a past bad experience with a cat, getting them onto the side of felines might be trickier than usual or not worth pursuing. But if they simply don't like them, think they're aloof and high-maintenance and pointless, there are good ways to persuade them otherwise. And with their cooperation, you might be bringing several balls of fluff into your home in no time. Here are seven steps to turning your partner into a cat person in no time.