Fans Are Already Divided On Who 'The Bachelor' Villain Is This Season

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Every season premiere of The Bachelor comes with a little bit of friction from the contestants, and when Colton Underwood's season kicked off on Monday night, it was no different. Catherine and Onyeka talked one-on-one on The Bachelor after Catherine constantly interrupted the other women to get more time with Colton. And even though the concept of "stealing" the Bachelor for a minute is something that happens all the time on Bachelor shows, the fact that Onyeka called Catherine out for it already has fans picking sides... and some of them are even blaming Colton for it.

The first night of The Bachelor definitely seems intimidating from the outside: With such limited time in that initial rose ceremony and so many contestants, there’s a very small window to make a lasting impression on Colton that will help them avoid getting eliminated so early on. It makes sense that competition for that time with him gets a little heated, but Catherine’s situation was a lot different from what fans have seen on The Bachelor before.

Interrupting once for the chance to finish up a conversation that got cut short? Almost understandable. But that’s not what Catherine did. In fact, she interrupted other women four separate times that night — after handing over her 10 year old dog, Lucy, to Colton to care for as long as she lasted on the show — so it’s understandable that the other women were getting miffed about it and that Onyeka felt like she had to speak up.

To Onyeka's credit, she kept it real and polite while talking to Catherine — instead of trying to start an argument, she laid it all out there in plain language so that Catherine would get what she was trying to communicate (and hopefully save her from becoming an enemy to the other women). She said:

"Just because you've stolen Colton three times already, it’s definitely rubbing people the wrong way. I think it almost looks a little desperate. I don’t know if you haven’t had good conversations with him but I think it’s important that you let other girls, like, take time."

Catherine was a little insulted though, calling the idea that she would be desperate "hilarious."

"I don’t think that I have disrespected anybody. My time with him was very short," she said. "I talked with him for probably 30 seconds the first time."

Then, she proceeded to interrupt someone else, so clearly, the talk was lost on her. But fans on Twitter are taking sides, and so far, Onyeka seems to be winning.

Another pointed out that Colton isn't exactly blameless in all of this.

Fair point. Although Catherine would, ideally, step back if she realized she was upsetting her fellow contestants, Colton could have told her no and continued the conversations she was interrupting at any time.

No matter who's to blame for the situation, it seems like the season ahead will be an interesting one as long as Catherine sticks around. Do we already have a villain?