'Cats' Will Have A Brand New Taylor Swift Song Written With Andrew Lloyd Webber

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Move over, "Memory," there's a new song coming to take your throne as the most memorable song from Cats. Per a report from Variety, Taylor Swift has co-written an original song for Cats with acclaimed composer Andrew Lloyd Webber. It's not just a throwaway number either, the song, "Beautiful Ghosts," is a showpiece for main cat Victoria, and the white cat's portrayer, ballerina Francesca Hayward, will sing the new number in the film. Fear not, Swifties, even though the "Lover" singer won't belt out the ballad on camera, her version of the song will play over the end credits.

In a new featurette, Webber revealed "Beautiful Ghosts" came about when he realized that Victoria didn't have her own big song in the film. The white cat emerged as the central character for the film adaptation of the Broadway show, and as such, she needed a solo number to go along with her expanded journey. Swift and Webber's collaboration came about spontaneously, according to the report from Variety. The pop star was supposed to be rehearsing her character's song in the film when inspiration struck for Victoria's musical moment.

"Beautiful Ghosts" hasn't been released in full yet, but you can hear snippets of the ballad in the Cats featurette below.

Cats' movie-only song isn't just a win for Swift fans — it also means the film will be eligible in the Best Original Song categories at the 2020 Golden Globes and Oscars. Since the rest of the songs are from the Broadway musical, "Beautiful Ghosts" opens up a whole new realm of potential accolades for the movie. It also puts the 29-year-old Swift one step closer to attaining EGOT status. She already has an Emmy and multiple Grammys, so if she can win an Oscar, she'll only need a Tony to become one of just a handful of people to have all four honors.

Even if she doesn't become an EGOT soon, penning a song for Cats with Webber and starring in the film are just two more achievements that Swift is celebrating 13 years after the release of her self-titled debut album. On Thursday, Oct. 24, the singer posted a throwback photo on Instagram alongside a thank you to her fans for sticking with her for the past 13 years. Her caption reads in part: "Because of you, there was a 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th and 7th album."

You can hear Swift's "Beautiful Ghosts" in full when Cats premieres in theaters on Dec. 25.