Chad Michael Murray Styled Busy Philipps' Daughter's Hair & Yes, It Was As Cute As It Sounds

Chad Michael Murray has many talents, but hairstyling isn't exactly one of them. The One Tree Hill star appeared on Busy Tonight on Thursday, and his segments were truly hilarious. Chad Michael Murray did Busy Philipps' daughter's hair, and let's just say, he probably shouldn't give up acting to pursue a career in the beauty industry.

When introducing the segment, Philipps explained that as a father of two, Murray might have some experience with styling young kids' hair. And the host decided to test that theory by having her daughter Cricket be their very own hair model for the clip.

The two actors each put Cricket's hair into their own style. And while Philipps gave her daughter a nice, easy braid, Murray's side ended up being a sad, simple ponytail. (Cricket deemed her mom the "winner" of the hairstyle challenge, too.)

But what Murray lacks in hairstyling ability, he more than makes up for in charm. The actor clearly has a way with children, making Cricket feel at ease by talking to her throughout the segment. And when he went to pick up the various hair accessories, Murray knelt down to meet Cricket's eye level, showing respect for her throughout the process.

Ahead of Murray's appearance on the show, Philipps also shared an epic #TBT of the two of them. Murray guest starred on Dawson's Creek Season 5, and the then-and-now photos she shared show how much the actors have changed since then. (For one thing, Murray's lost that distinctly 2000s-style haircut.)

"In honor of #tbt, my guest tonight on Busy Tonight is a #TBT for me all the way to 2001 on #dawsonscreek! (Swipe to see us now!) @chadmichaelmurray joins me to discuss Riverdale, Dawson's, dad life, and most importantly carbohydrates," Philipps captioned the Instagram post.

The Busy Tonight segment was Cricket's first time meeting Murray, but he and Philipps do seem to have stayed friends over the years. As Us Weekly pointed out, Philipps mentioned Murray helping her recover from a knee injury in her book, This Will Only Hurt a Little.

"Chad Michael Murray sat with me while I laughed about what a f"cking dumb idiot I was. I tried calling Michelle [Williams], but she didn't answer," Philipps wrote in the book, according to the magazine. "And Chad Michael Murray, who you judged as a douchebag, will stay the whole time and hold your f*cking hand."

Murray also shared an Instagram post about his appearance on the show, saying he "had the best time" with Philipps. "This show is so original and alive. @busyphilipps is crushing it," he wrote in his caption. The two stars may not have hung out in a while, but their mutual respect and appreciation for each other is super clear.

During Murray's Busy Tonight appearance, the two actors also talked about his time filming Freaky Friday with Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis. I mean, they already went full early-2000s nostalgia with the Dawson's photo, so why not talk about the classic body-switch movie?

Sure, he's moved on to new projects, but there's no harm in a healthy dose of throwback fun. And there's no harm in testing out some children's hairstyles, either, although Cricket will likely be glad her mom's staying in charge of her hair looks going forward.