Chance The Rapper Gets Honest About Kanye

Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Oh, Yeezus, it sounds like I'm not alone. Chance the Rapper recently explained his feelings on Kanye West and I'm like, "I totally get you, bro." During an interview with GQ Magazine, the Chicago-born rapper opened all the way up about his relationship with Yeezy, sharing some pretty candid insight on why he never wants to be exactly like Kanye – in terms of personality, at least. It's definitely no secret that 'Ye has never been one to hold back when it comes to speaking exactly what's on his mind at any given time. I mean, it's essentially become his thing – his source of infamy, if you will. It's basically the whole reason we all either love to hate or hate to love him, and whether we'd like to admit it or not, it seemingly works for him and his career.

What is surprising, though, is that Kanye's mentee, Chance the Rapper, doesn't totally agree with the self-proclaimed genius's unconventional response to fame and openly admits it, explaining that while idolizes Kanye in many ways, he can't quite say that he'd actually handle things the same manner. Chance told GQ,

I've always been able to defend Kanye. When everybody's like, "Kanye's a nut, Kanye's a nut," I'm one of those guys saying, "No, he's saying some real sh*t." ... I'm rationalizing everything that he does, but I can't say that in the same position I would do the same things.

The 23-year-old, who made headlines for being the first artist with a "streaming only" album to be nominated for a Grammy (seven, to be exact), shares that although he'd like to have Kanye's "boldness or assurance," he would "never do" some of the things he observes from the outspoken rapper-slash-producer. During the sitdown, Chance also revealed something pretty interesting, but probably not too surprising, about Kanye's antics – they're reportedly far worse in private than what we've long been privy to in a public sense. Did you hear that folks? Chance is saying that Yeezy actually does have a filter. Who knew? He claimed,

Being around Kanye, Kanye says crazier sh*t in private than he does in public, which is hard to believe because he says the craziest things in public. He does have a filter. He's not a liar or somebody that is going to sugarcoat things when he does speak. But Kanye's said some crazy sh*t to me where I respond, "No, I don't feel you at all."

Chance goes on to explain that, in contrast to 'Ye's method, he prefers to be a person that people enjoy, but reveals that he can also be quite the "disrupter," like Kanye, when it comes to his music.

And while I'll be the first to admit that I've long loved Kanye, extravagance and all, I've often wished he'd tone things down — just a bit. But now, I'm just sitting here, in amazement, learning that Kanye may have been protecting us from his "unfiltered" self all along.

Uhh, thank you, Yeezus?