Channing Tatum’s Blonde Hair Has Twitter Feeling So Many Mixed Emotions

Joe Maher/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Often times a change in hairstyle— whether it's a dramatic chop or shifted hue can signal a fresh start or the beginning of a new season. But it can also feel weird to take a departure from your regular look. Well, proving that, yes, celebrities are just like us, Channing Tatum has a new blonde hair style and he's asking his followers to weigh in on the new locks. The actor debuted the 'do on his Instagram story on Tuesday, March 19 and captioned a selfie of his blonde hair, "Bad idea? Haha." There's also a poll attached to the snap that says, "yes, no."

At the time of publication, the results were in favor of Tatum's new blonde hair with 59% voting "yes." 41% weren't feeling the change and voted "no." Perhaps in anticipation of any negative feedback, Tatum followed the photo with the disclaimer in his IG Stories: "Well, bad ideas are sort of my thing. So..." No one can be sure what exactly the Magic Mike star is referring to or what spurred his new look be it a new movie or need to test out the theory that blondes really have more fun. But the actor is clearly debuting a new spring style and wants to hear some opinions (be careful what you wish for).


Fans have also taken to Twitter to air out any grievances or express gratitude for Tatum's new hair color. Some had definite reservations about the change, and got pretty descriptive with their distaste.

But a lot of others are here for the blonde shift and are supporting Tatum's new hair do all day long.

Perhaps the opinion that matters most to Tatum is that of his girlfriend, singer Jessie J. The two have been a couple since originally sparking romance rumors in October 2018. The musician has sported blonde hair of her own in the past, potentially might have even given her beau tips on how to work the lighter hue. This also isn't Tatum's first time going lighter, the new look reminiscent of his earlier, buzz-cut days starring in She's the Man and Step Up. It could be a tribute to his younger self?

But the lighter hair tone could just come as a spontaneous choice for the performer, whose last two movies featured the actor's voice work, last month's The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part and 2018's Smallfoot. While several projects remain in development, Tatum could be using his downtime as a period of experimentation with a new trim and dye. Just like the rest of us, he's testing out the waters on his look and gauging public reaction. But unlike the rest of us, Tatum has 17.1 million Instagram followers he can turn to for feedback, rather than a small group of friends.

No matter the reason or season, blonde, brunette, or somewhere in between, Channing Tatum is making a statement with his new hair and asking for follower statements in return. But only time (and Tatum's Insta poll) will tell how long the new hair is here to stay. In the meantime, let the theories continue.