Charlie Murphy's Best Performances Extend Beyond 'Chappelle's Show'

by Amy Roberts

Following the heartbreaking news that actor and comedian Charlie Murphy has died at age 57 after a battle with leukemia, it feels only right to celebrate his legacy by remembering his talents. While the majority will know the performer from Murphy's legendary sketches on Chappelle's Show, in which he told the greatest personal anecdotes about musicians like Rick James and Prince, there are other notable appearances worth knowing about. In fact, there's a selection of some of Murphy's best comedy sketches and acting roles that are worth enjoying in tribute to the late performer.

While Murphy is soon to be seen in Season 4 of Power as a prison guard, he's also enjoyed small roles in projects as varied as Night At The Museum, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and the cartoon spinoff of Black Dynamite. And that's not all — his career included numerous interesting comedy sketches, as well as TV and movie roles. It seemed as though the actor was always starring in projects that challenged the status quo, made a comedic statement, or were just proudly subversive. And if you've ever enjoyed one of Murphy's stand-up sets, then you'll understand that those sorts of projects perfectly fit within his own comedy style.

With that in mind, here are some of Murphy's more notable appearances beyond Chappelle's Show (and a quick word of warning, some of these are very NSFW).


Leroy Smith In 'Get Your Basketball On'

Murphy was downright hilarious as Leroy Smith, a character who supposedly motivated Michael Jordan to become the success story he is, in this elaborate (and worthwhile) ad campaign for Nike.


Frank Kingston In 'Are We There Yet?'

The comedic chemistry between Murphy and the always delightful Terry Crews and Ice Cube was a glorious wonder to behold in this TV spinoff of the 2005 movie of the same name.


Vic In 'Black Jesus'

An irreverent comedy from Adult Swim, Black Jesus saw Murphy playing a character who was extremely vexed by the appearance of Jesus Christ in his own neighborhood.


As Himself In 'Denis Leary's Merry F#%$in Christmas'

Just trust me on this one — you'll never hear The Night Before Christmas the same way again after you hear Murphy's extremely NSFW take on it.


Ced In 'Moving Day'

Murphy was his smooth talking, acerbic, and witty self in this movie in which a professional mover fantasizes about getting an equally unsatisfying job with the municipal road crew.


Key Flo In 'Meet The Blacks'

Murphy was an absolute scene stealer in this parody of The Purge franchise.


Junior Walker In 'The Hustle'

On form as ever, Murphy showed off his physical comedy skills as a character desperately trying to raise $10,000 in seven days to pay back a local gangster.


MC Gusto In 'CB4'

Starring alongside Chris Rock, Murphy played the egotistical superstar MC Gusto in this cult hip-hop comedy from 1993.

Suffice to say, Murphy was a gifted storyteller and a phenomenal performer. He will be greatly missed.