Charlize Theron’s Instagram Post From The ‘Fast 9’ Set Debuts Cipher’s Bold, Cool New Look

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The ninth Fast & Furious film may have lost The Rock to spinoff Hobbs & Shaw, but the film will still have plenty of returning star power. Among those coming back is the villain Cipher, and on Labor Day, star Charlize Theron unveiled Cipher's new look in Fast 9 with a behind the scenes Instagram post from the set of the film.

When she made her debut in 2017's Fate of the Furious, Cipher sported an instantly iconic — and fairly controversial — look thanks to her dreadlocks. Vulture's Hunter Harris decried the character's hairstyle in a 2017 article, stating that there should be "No more white-lady dreadlocks." Theron, meanwhile, revealed to Entertainment Tonight that the hairstyle was her assistant's idea and was intended to stand out. "Her hair could be weapons, like her hair could hurt you. But still, at the same time [it's] really beautiful," Theron said. "That was really fun." Fate of the Furious director F. Gary Gray attributed Cipher's signature look to Theron, believing that it helped make the character "funky." "The braids, that’s her idea," Gray told Vulture's Kevin Lincoln prior to the film's release. "The Metallica T-shirt, that’s her idea. It makes her a little more funky as opposed to this normal Silicon Valley hacker."

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Regardless of whether you were a fan of Cipher's dreads in Fast 8 or you found them offensive, it's a moot point now, as the character will be rocking an entirely new 'do for Fast 9. Theron shared Cipher's new look to her Instagram account, and there's not a lock or braid in sight. Instead, Cipher now keeps her hair in a short bowl cut. Her new look should inspire far less controversy than her previous one, but is also has the potential to be even more iconic. Seriously, who was the last movie villain to have a bowl cut? That henchman in Bond film Quantum of Solace? How about the last female character in a blockbuster film, villain or not, that donned the look most associated with second grade boys of the '90s? You'd be hard-pressed to come up with any example, which is why Theron's new look is going to have people talking.

Although Theron's look is certainly trailblazing, she actually won't be the first woman sporting the look to arrive in theaters in the near future. Mackenzie Davis, who didn't commit quite as fully to living that bowl cut life as Theron did, still sports a very similar look in the upcoming Terminator: Dark Fate. In the movie, Davis portrays the enhanced human Grace, who battles Terminators while trying to protect humanity's future. It's safe to say that she'll kick at least as much butt as Cipher, helping to make bowl cuts the new hairstyle du jour for female action stars.

With Charlize Theron's new look as Cipher in the upcoming Fast 9, bowl cuts are cool for the first time in their ridiculed history. To anyone who was ever forced to have one of these soup dish-aided hairstyles growing up, this is sure to be a shocking development. But after seeing how awesome Theron looks in her new 'do, you'll be reaching for the nearest bowl and pair of scissors to cop the look for yourself.