4 Top Tips For Finding Cheap Accommodation At The Edinburgh Fringe

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Whether you had booked your Edinburgh Festival Fringe tickets a while back or have only just got round to checking out the vast line-up, accommodation may have been pushed to the back of your head. If you're in panic mode over where you're going to stay in August, relax. Hotel prices may rocket, but there are a few affordable Edinburgh Fringe accommodation options to take advantage of.

In 2018, the festival — which welcomes a huge range of creative acts — issued 2.8 million tickets. That's a lot of people looking for a roof over their heads in just one month. Last minute festival-goers, however, won't be left stranded.

Yes, you could head to the nearest five-star hotel and pay an eye-watering sum, desperately search for a free Airbnb, or hope that an acquaintance will let you crash on their sofa, but you don't have to go down that risky path.

Here are a few safe and budget-friendly options to take stock of.

Student accommodation

Edinburgh Fringe 2019 will take place from Aug. 2 until Aug. 26. And that means the majority of students at the University of Edinburgh will have gone home. Their empty rooms are often available all summer long and can start from prices as low as £99 (though expect to pay a minimum of £150).

Rooms range from single to twin or double beds, and some even come with a fancy en-suite. You can also choose a bed and breakfast option or go self-catering. Find and book rooms via University Rooms or Edinburgh First.

Go camping

A campsite opens just for the festival in Edinburgh each year. It allows you to bring your own tent, caravan, or motorhome or choose to stay in a pre-pitched tent complete with airbeds. Prices are incredibly cheap too. A campsite stay costs £16 per night per adult with no extra charge for those who bring their own tents. Vehicles will be charged £6 extra per night and those who wish to stay in a pre-pitched tent will also be charged an additional nightly cost of £11 for a two-person tent and £22 for a four-person one.

Public transport to and from the city centre is available 24 hours a day. The campsite also boasts a small shop, bar, hangout spaces, a kitchen, free WiFi, charging points, and more.

Try Facebook

A Facebook group dedicated to festival accommodation already exists. On it, you can either post the dates you need a room for or scroll through existing accommodation offers from Edinburgh residents. This is often ideal for super last minute requests and tends to be on the cheap side too.

Book last minute

And if none of those work, check out LateRooms for spare rooms in B&Bs, guesthouses, and budget-friendly hotels. (You can even book on the same day.)

Securing festival accommodation can be stressful, but last minute can often be the best time for bargains — especially in Edinburgh. So get your searching hat on and prepare for a summer like no other.