No Halloween Costume? Don't Worry: These Cheap Costumes Can Be Delivered Overnight

by Michelle Gross

Don't take this the wrong way, because I love Halloween as much as the next gal. But... well, sometimes (which happens to be all the time), procrastination combined with a cumbersome workload and everything else that life happens to throw my way gets the best of me, and planning my Halloween costume becomes an afterthought. And what ends up happening is I spend an arm and a leg on bottom of the barrel, heavily picked over costumes at my local Halloween pop-up shop, which is not only over-priced but not even something I'm excited about. Which ends up being a total bummer. There has to be other, cheap Halloween costumes you can get last-minute, right?!

According to a 2016 study conducted by the National Retail Federation, consumers will spend somewhere around $8.4 billion celebrating Halloween, a total sum that breaks down to an average of $82.93 per person. Cray. I'm convinced half of this comes from people scrambling to find something last-minute.

Of course, there are so many ways you can get creative with your costume: DIY or simply recycling something from Halloween's past is the most cost-effective. You know yourself and your schedule, and sometimes, you just don't have time to mess around with all that — which is why things like Amazon Prime exist to pull you out of the depths of despair.

Read on to find affordable Halloween costume ideas that are not only $30 and under, but can be ordered overnight — perfect for the procrastinator in all of us.

Beer Girl


Beer Girl Costume, $32, Amazon

This Oktoberfest Costume on Amazon is pretty good if you're in a last minute pickle (or gherkin, as they would say in Germany). The costume includes the dress with attached corset and pettiskirt — beer stein, shoes and wig not included.

Spandex Printed Glow-In-The-Dark Skeleton Catsuit


Glow In The Dark Skeleton Catsuit, $30, Amazon

The great thing about this spandex jumpsuit, other than the fact that it glows in the dark (which is pretty freaking spectacular as it is) is that you can dress it up or down however you want. I'm thinking you add a funky wig, a little goth-rock makeup, some killer accessories, and this is one super affordable last-minute costume. You can find this on Amazon, and it's available with overnight delivery.

Unicorn Onesie


Unicorn Onesie, $28, Amazon

There are so many amazing things about this costume I don't even know where to begin. First of all, it's a unicorn, which is like, so hot right now. Major pop culture points for being on trend. Second, this is technically a pajama, so you know its going to be uber-comfortable and lightweight. The material is 100% percent Polar Fleece and Flannel, so it's designed to keep you warm — big time score if you live in cooler climates. Third, it comes in a variety of colors, so you and your friends can ball out in one big magical unicorn pack. Last, and certainly not worst, it's super affordable at Amazon, and can be ordered with overnight delivery.

Panda Party


Panda Onesie, $27, Amazon

This is another adorable onesie idea, and for the bargain price of Amazon with free overnight shipping, you really can't go wrong. Another added bonus to this is the adorable hoodie.

Alice In Wonderland


Alice in Wonderland Costume, $32, Amazon

This classic Alice in Wonderland look gives you the basics of a costume including the dress and matching bow headband. The rest, i.e., shoes, white leggings, etc., is all up to you. For Amazon, it's a great last minute idea — plus the dress is super adorbs.

Flapper Girl


Flapper Girl Costume, $22, Amazon

Flapper girls will never go out of fashion, and this ensemble at Amazon is a pretty remarkable deal for the price. With a choice of black or red, the costume comes with a 1920s-style fringe dress and sequined headband with feathers. Not included are necklace, boa, fishnet hose, and cigarette holder.

Unicorn Wig With Adjustable Rainbow Tail


Unicorn Wig, $25, Amazon

Sometimes, a really great wig is all you need and this one, complete with rainbow dyed bangs and a white unicorn horn for Amazon is pretty darn close to perfection. Of course it's up to you to accessorize the rest. I'm thinking body paint or a rainbow spandex jumpsuit could really complete this look.

Daenerys Targaryen


Daenerys Targaryen Costume, $33, Amazon

So they're calling this costume "Aphrodite" on Amazon, but for those of you fellow Game of Thrones fans out there I'm thinking this could actually be a great look for Daenerys if you also nab a wig. The wig is key. Either way, for Amazon with overnight delivery, you can do a number of awesome things with this look.