Cheap V-Day Trips That Are Still Romantic

A Valentine's Day getaway can be incredibly costly and complicated, and the last thing you want to do is create a stressful situation between you and your loved one when your goal is really just to relax go somewhere to celebrate how much you like each other — so why not plan a cheap Valentine's Day trip instead? There's no need to get overwhelmed by the trip planning process. While it might be hard to motivate in this post-holiday-dead-of-winter lull, you'll be so happy you did when it's all said and done.

There are tons of easy-to-book trips that are super affordable and accessible, and make for fool-proof Valentine's dates. Because who wants to hang around their neighborhood and pay $300 for an unremarkable dinner at a restaurant thats so packed with love-hungry couples that you have to wait over an hour just to order a lukewarm piece of steak? And by that time you've already finished the whole bottle of wine between the two of you. Before your appetizers arrive you're already starting to rehash a fight that was settled months ago.

Avoid the local Valentine's scams. Save your money for a trip that will offer you a priceless adventure and a precious memory that you can hold onto for longer than a digestion cycle. You know what I'm saying? This year, head out of town on one of these super affordable Valentine's Day trips and do your love justice:

Ski Adventure

It's easy to have a ski adventure without spending the whole weekend paying hotel fees. Get up at the crack of dawn, head to your favorite ski slopes and spend the day shredding the slopes. When you've had enough, check in to a cozy lodge and spend the night warming up. Head back out on the slopes early in the morning if you've got the energy, or take your time getting out of bed and head back home when you're ready. If you've got access to Hunter Mountain in Tannersville, New York, I highly recommend Scibner's Catskill Lodge for your romantic night. Have a mouthwatering and replenishing meal at their new restaurant Prospect, enjoy incredible local wines, and then sit by the fire and watch the sun rise over the mountains from the comfort of your bed — all for a totally reasonable price.

Berkshires Cuddle-Fest

If you don't ski but you do like the idea of that apres ski life, head up to the Berkshires and sip on some hot toddys by the fire with your Valentine. Race Brook Lodge in Sheffield, Massachusetts is the perfect affordable romantic getaway. With a tavern onsite and an honor-system bar just a few steps from your bedroom, you can fall asleep with a fully belly, flushed cheeks and the sound of a babbling brook to lull you asleep — literally.

Middle-Of-Nowhere Overnight

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Want to go somewhere that's so removed that you don't have cell service? But also want to go somewhere that's clean and warm and safe and has chic amenities like Pendleton blankets, local wine and rare books? Head to the Spruceton Inn in the Catskill Mountain area. The motel-turned barebones chic lodge has everything you need to get away from your busy life and focus on your love life. Each room comes with a grill if you feel like cooking and there's a bar on site if you feel like boozin'. Enjoy the sound of complete silence in this salvation of a motel.


Want to get away but can't get your act together and don't want to pay for travel? Find a hotel nearby, pack your bags and take your honey for a getaway without the away. Order room service, stay in bed all day, and take your wine with you into the bathtub — do as many weird or romantic things as you please.

Airbnb It

If you know you want to get away, but can't decide where to go, let Airbnb decide for you. Check out their "Experiences" tab and find an accommodation that speaks to you. Maybe it's a treehouse in Northern California, maybe it's an Airstream in the woods — let the site inspire you and take your adventure from there.

Cabin Getaway

Even if you already live with your partner, it can be fun to play house in a new space. Rent out a cabin with all the fixings and enjoy cooking and baking with all the comforts and none of the frills. Check out the Lumberland Cabin near the Delaware River for a gorgeous log cabin experience with everything you need to feel at home, but better — because it's someone else's.

Off-Season Winter Beach

Beach towns in the winter are pure magic. You get all of the beauty of the beach without the crowds, long lines or litter. Head to a deserted beach town and hole-up in a quiet inn. While the water might be too cold to swim in, it's fun to bundle up and hang on the beach. You can picnic, you can bonfire, or take a long walk and chat.

Low-Key City Stay

Whether it's the city you live in or a city you've been meaning to visit, check yourself into an Ace Hotel — like the Ace Hotel Portland or the Ace Hotel New York — and enjoy the low-key accommodating vibes and proximity to cool happenings. Ace Hotels are always in the middle of the coolest part of a city, so you won't have to go far once you're there. The rooms are super affordable and make you feel like you're at home more than you're at a hotel, which establishes a really chill getaway vibe. Plus, they have record players in their rooms, so major bonus.


Vacations can get pretty pricey pretty quickly. A great way to control your spending is to book an all-inclusive stay. If you've always wanted to check out the Dominican Republic but never found a way to do so affordably, check out the amazing packages at Club Med Punta Cana. The resort looks like a caribbean paradise and there are plenty of adult-only oasis's to get your Valentine's Day on. You'll get a vacation and adventure that you never imagined you could afford.

Winery Weekend

Head to a local winery and book an overnight stay. You can spend the day walking through the vineyards, getting some fresh air and taking in the views. And then you can spend your night embracing your inner wino and learning fun wine facts to impress your friends with when you get back. Plus, you might meet other cool couples to hang with, as vineyards have a big Valentine's Day draw.

Montreal, Je T'adore

OK, so you wanted to go to France but you can't find cheap enough tickets and accommodations. Instead of giving up your romantic French dreams, head to Montreal, the *other* city of love. Check out some art at the Foundation for Contemporary Art, enjoy the delicious foods of Quebec and spend the weekend sightseeing, without breaking the bank.

Costal Oregon

Arguably one of the most beautiful places in the country, the Oregonian Coast is like nothing else. Cozy-up in a beachside shack or inn and spend the day walking along the coast, marveling at the cliffs, the trees and the endless ocean. Head into the town of Florence or Gold Beach or opt to hike around the Columbia River Gorge.