Let Chelsea Clinton Do Her Thing

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Chelsea Clinton has been tweeting. She's been making more and more public appearances. To many people, this can only mean that she's preparing for a run for office — after all, she's a Clinton, right? But Chelsea Clinton shouldn't be expected to become a politician just because she was born with her foot in the door.

Speculation about Clinton potentially running for office has become rampant, despite her denials that it will ever happen. The speculation mostly seems to center around Clinton's new, vocal Twitter persona. But really, what engaged progressive isn't tweeting more now? As Clinton has discovered, Trump as president has offered just as many grounds for criticism as when he was a candidate — only now, Clinton's in a position to voice her opinions without potentially costing her mother any votes.

Twitter activity aside, though, the insistence on Clinton's eventual transition into politics ignores all that she's accomplished outside of that world. She's got two master's degrees, from Oxford and Columbia, as well as a doctorate from Oxford, for one thing. She's solidified her position at the Clinton Foundation, and not just because she's Bill and Hillary's daughter. According to those who have worked with her or seen her speak, she's knowledgable, blisteringly intelligent, and extremely motivated.

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It sort of got lost in the furor surrounding the election, but the Clinton Foundation actually does a lot of great work around the world. As a vice chair of the foundation, the young Clinton has thrown herself into projects dealing with global health, increasing opportunities for women, and helping vulnerable communities address the problems created by climate change, just to name a few. If she were a senator or representative, she could advocate for that sort of thing, but she'd also be shackled by the restraints of American legislative bodies and be unable to speak so candidly for fear of losing votes. If Clinton is indeed showing the world a new side of herself, it must be at least in part because there's no Clinton out there campaigning right now.

Maybe Clinton will change her mind about not running for office; it wouldn't be the first time, and several media outlets have noted that her answer does leave the door open. But for now, let's stop the speculation and let her do as she pleases. Let Clinton keep winning achievement awards, writing empowering children's books, and tweeting whatever she wants to say. She's got the audience, after all. And in her current position, she has the finances and ability to help millions of people around the world, including the ones the Trump administration is hurting. Expecting Clinton to go straight into the "family business" of politics does a disservice to her work at the family's actual, non-profit business — so for now, let's appreciate that.

And if Clinton decides to run for office, she'll let you know.