Chelsea Handler Isn't Afraid To Be "Too Political"

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Chelsea Handler has never been one to keep her opinions to herself. Throughout the 2016 election, Handler was vocal about her support for Hillary Clinton, her ongoing love of Barack Obama, and her staunch focus on keeping Donald Trump out of the White House. Since President Trump's inauguration, Handler has continued to be vocal, including leading the Women's March in Sundance and regularly tweeting her concern regarding the current political climate. And in one of her most recent videos, Handler proves there's no such thing as being "too political" right now.

In a video Handler shared on Instagram, she said that she's been called "too political" by a friend, who also called her "too aggressive." Exactly as you might expect, Handler wasn't phased by either label and instead used the comments as the impetus for recording the statement, which is an inspiring call to arms. In 2017, it already feels as though so many voices are being silenced, and snap political decisions are being made seemingly without any consideration regarding the individuals that will be impacted the most. Which is why Handler wants to stand up for her political beliefs, as well as the people who are most affected by Trump's administration so far.

Handler's stance is important, as the comedian admits that she's in a privileged position, and her life won't change all that much under the current government. She said,

"I am a white woman of a lot of privilege. I make a lot of money, and I don't have a lot of problems. And a lot of what this administration has proposed thus far, won't even affect me personally."

Her honesty here is so important, as it's all too easy to ignore problems or political changes when they don't impact on our lives in any way. But as Handler points out, ignoring the current administration is unacceptable.

By highlighting the fact that she is speaking from a position of immense privilege, Handler proves that it's more important than ever to speak out against unjust politics. She said,

"I know that this country is based on inclusiveness, on welcoming people, on loving people, that are not like you. On not worrying about how something impacts your life personally, but how it impacts all the people around you, and all the people that aren't around you."

It would be easy for a celebrity like Handler to remain silent and not publicly engage with political discourse, which is why it's so important that the Netflix host is speaking out. By declaring her commitment to upholding American values and standing up for the human rights of people everywhere, Handler is making a crucial point about privilege. Ultimately, being privileged isn't the problem; it's ignoring that privilege and refusing to stand up against political injustice that's problematic.

Handler's refusal to back down or stay quiet should inspire us all. And if there's one line in her video that could become your new mantra, it's this: "If I come off as being aggressive, it's because I care so much about doing the right thing." If there was ever a time for being "too political" and politically aggressive, it's now.