These 'Chicago Fire' Season 7 Spoilers From Miranda Rae Mayo Tease Stellaride's Future

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

At the end of Chicago Fire Season 6, there were a lot of changes. One of the biggest transformations was involving Stella Kidd and Kelly Severide, aka Stellaride, becoming more serious about their relationship. While chatting with Bustle, Miranda Rae Mayo teased Chicago Fire Season 7 spoilers, and Stellaride fans will be very happy to learn what she dished about the couple's future.

"We pick up right where we left off with Stellaride, the Stellaride 'ship, which I was also really happy about," the actor says over the phone. "I love them together. I think they work well. They understand each other and understand the other's priorities. So, we get to see more of that, which is really, really fun."

When Season 7 finally returns on Wednesdays, Sept. 26, Mayo says fans will really get to see "how much Stella really means to Severide." More often than not, Stella has been the one expressing her emotions, but now the tables will turn a bit.

"We haven’t really seen that yet in the series," she said about Severide opening up about his feelings for Stella. "We’ve seen a lot of how much Stella cares about him and her kind of chasing him, but we haven’t really, I mean, we saw a little bit at the end of last season when he chooses her, but that’s it."

She even says there's an "expansion" in their relationship regarding their bond. "We just kind of watch them grow in their connection and in the intimacy they share," Mayo reveals. "And intimacy isn’t always nice, you know, sometimes it involves hurt and it involves arguments, but that’s how people get closer, so we see all of that."

As for whether or not Stellaride will last, Mayo says it's like any other relationship and they are taking it "one day at a time." They prefer to live in in the moment, especially since they have a career where they risk their lives on a daily basis.

Mayo explains about the TV couple, "They are the type of people also that are very much about taking it day by day because they have to be because of their jobs. Their relationship could just as likely be over from one of them dying, as it could from them deciding it’s not going to work out."

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Fans know this to be true, just look at Dawson and Casey, aka Dawsey. In May, Monica Raymund announced her departure from Chicago Fire. At the end of Season 6, her storyline was left open-ended. Fans didn't know if she would choose to stay in Chicago and work on her marriage with Casey, or head to Puerto Rico as a volunteer paramedic helping with hurricane relief. Well, fans now know what she chose, but executive producer Derek Haas told TVLine in August Dawsey won't be divorcing when the drama returns. Rather, they will work on maintaining a long-distance relationship.

Whatever happens with the beloved couple, Mayo says fans shouldn't worry about Chicago Fire going down hill without Raymund. "It’s safe to say that the show will never be the same without her," Mayo admits. "It’s like one of the main ingredients of the stew is being taken out. People are going to notice."

That said, the actor believes the show will still be successful. She says, "I will say that the cast and crew of the show is so tight-knit, so strong, and so loving and supportive of one another that no matter what, I think, the show is going to be wonderful this season."

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With Dawson no longer working as a paramedic on Ambulance 61, another familiar face is coming in to take over for her. On July 27, Variety announced Annie Ilonzeh (Arrow, Charlie's Angels) was joining the drama as Emily Foster, an "intelligent, easygoing, and confident new paramedic."

Mayo says Ilonzeh's character comes in as a floater after Brett experiences "a bunch of different floaters." Mayo dishes about Emily, "We see kind of how she fits in in the house, how they interact together as partners. We find out some stuff about her past and it all kind of unfolds, so we don’t know if she is going to be a permanent addition or if she's floating on through."

As you can see below, it's like Ilonzeh has always worked on Chicago Fire. "Oh, my God, like a glove," Mayo says about how the actor fits in on set. "Her energy, her talent, her warmth, she is a joy to be around. It is a privilege to get to work with her during this time."

There's no denying the series features all kinds of amazing women, including Stella herself. "She’s a badass," Mayo says proudly about her character. "She is fearless when it comes to her job. There’s nothing else she is more passionate about, not even Severide, you know? When it comes down to it that [her job] is the thing she’s most proud of in her life."

Come October, Stella's passion for her job will shine through even more during the Chicago Fire/Med/P.D. crossover. "It airs on Wednesday, Oct. 3," she says about the TV event, "And Kidd plays a huge part in the crossover, which I was so excited to read. All of the firefighting that she gets to do and just how involved she is in all of the three shows plotline. I’m really excited for people to see that."

It sure sounds like fans are in for all kinds of drama, action, and romance when Season 7 premieres. Even better, fans will get to see even more from Stella and the badass woman, firefighter, and partner she is.